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Welcome to 8th Grade Math!





It's time to prepare for the Milestone!!

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8th grade Math Milestones Review


If you have an account, log in using your lunch number as the email and your lunch number with 0 at the beginning or end as your password.  If you do not have an account, create using the code: 827344.  Place yourself with the correct teacher and class. 


Create an account using the following code: 5B879B



  • All 6 Cumulative Reviews (including answers) can be found on Mrs. Maher’s blog under the Milestones review tab. 


  • Moby Max- Username and password are your lunch number


  • Review using both volumes of your textbook/workbook.  You can do this with your copy or the online copy


  • Review your IAN notes, warm-ups, homework, practice sheets, etc. 






Math 8 Syllabus


Advanced Math 8 Syllabus