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Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!


Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies! 

My name is Mr. Klein. I have  been teaching for 19 years in Cobb County; I taught 4th grade at Hayes Elementary and 6th and 7th grade at Palmer Middle. I am originally from Buffalo, NY and am a huge Buffalo Bills fan, all over sports fan, coffee lover and aficionado of all things fried, especially wings! I have 3 kids: a 8th grader, 4th grader, and a 1st grader.

 I look forward to teaching this year. In  6th grade, we will cover Europe, Latin America, Australia and Canada. For each unit, we will teach the geography, history, government, & economics.








Week of 8/20

Mon. : Finish Geography 101 Notes from Power Pt. and discuss Syllabus for Course


Tues.  : Introduction To Atlas Sheet using Atlas and play reviewgamezone game on IPADs


Weds.  : Geographic Terms Sheet using Atlas and Play KAHOOT using IPADs


Thurs.  : Go over all the Atlas, Geo. Term Sheet Answers


Fri.  : Quiz on Geograhic terms ( 20 questions )




Week of 8/27

Mon. : Start GOV. Notes . Work on Make your own country mini project


Tues. : Work and Finish Make your own country mini projects and play reviewgamezone and Quizlet game on IPADs


Weds. : Begin Economic Notes


Thurs. : Continue Economic Notes and Brain Pop Videos


Fri.  : Quiz on Gov. terms ( 13 questions )




Week of 9/4




Tues. : Correct and Corrections. Grade own quiz and make corrections to better grade


Weds. : 1/2 class IPAD and play Quizlet or RVGZ .  1/2 class Economic Question sheet. Switch after 20 minutes


Thurs. : 1/2 class IPAD and play Kahoot .  1/2 class Economic Scav. Hunt sheet. Switch after 20 minutes


Fri.  : Quiz on Economic terms ( 25 questions )



WEEK of 9/10


MON.- Review of Political /Themetic Map from ATLAS


TUES.- Intro to Religions- Powerpoint, notes, video


WED.- Powerpoint, notes on Religions continued


THURS.- IPAD 1/2 class, Religions Wrap Up 1/2 class- SWITCH after 20 minutes


FRI.- Quiz on Religions- 15 questions



WEEK OF 10/1


MON-  Europe Atlas Question- PHY and POL map



TUES- Continue and go over PHY and POL map questions



WED- Label Europe POL map ( 10 countries) Quiz on FRI on this map



THURS- Label Physical MAP ( 10 features )



FRI- Quiz on POL. MAP, ipads after 



WEEK OF 10/8


M-Summarize 4 paragraphs about Europe Geo. from Textbook


T-Cont. Summarize 4 paragraphs about Europe Geo. from Textbook


W-Physical Map Quiz- 10 questions on phy. features


TH-Chernobyl Explosion Reading


FRI-Chernobyl Questions, Answers, and Summary


WEEK of 10-15 ( early release- classes 30 minutes long)


MON-Finish Chernobyl and turn in . Begin Environmental Issues of Germany reading


TUES- Germany Environmnetal Issues and Brain Pop video on Pollution


WED-Environmnetal Issues of the U.K.


THURS- contine Envir. Issues of the U.K.


FRI- Compare and Contrast all three Issues found in Germany, U.K., and Russia ( quiz next Tues. on all three countries Envir. Issue.)

Game code is #44038


Week of 10-22 


Monday- Environmental Issues of Europe:Compared (two similar traits and a pictures)


Tuesday QUIZ on Environ. Issues of Europe and Intro to Research Project


Wed- Research Germany, U.K. , and Russia

 research project.docx 





Thurs- Research Germany, U.K. , and Russia


Friday- Research Germany, U.K. , and Russia


Students may use this digital version of the organizer during research




Monday 10/29 - Thursday 11/1- Research Project in class. If for some reason, the class time is not enough for you to finish by the end of Thursday, it is your responsibility to work on it at home. Use the Palmer website ( learningcommons tab at the top) to get to the Mackinva for the research.

The website in NOT through the Palmer website. 


Fri 11/2- Wrap up EUROPE Geography unit with Religion and Language Reading and Questions



Monday 11/5- FIELD TRIP

Tuesday 11/6- No School for Election Day

Wed. 11/7- Review games to prepare for Test

Thurs. 11/8- Review Day 

Friday 11/9- Europe Geography Test




 MON- 11/12: Go over Test Results and prepare for Europe History, organize binder

TUES 11/13- WWI Brain POP and Vocabulary

WED 11/14- Vocabulary ( 11 terms ) from Textbook

THURS 11/15- EUROPE MOVIE and questions

FRI 11/16- EUROPE MOVIE and questions






M-11/26: WWI Read 3 paragraphs and summarize in 3 Sentences

T-11/27: WWI Powerpoint and Letter Home from the Trench

W-11/28: Brain Pop on Great Depression, Vocab on Great Depression

TH-11/29: WW2 and Nazism Notes and Questions

F-11/30: Quiz on Vocaulary Europe Hist. from 11/14


 M 12-3: Holocaust and Nazi Party Q and A

T 12-4: Nazi Propaganda Reading and Essay

W 12-5: Brain Pop on WWII, Pearl Harbor, and Hiroshima & Nagasaki

TH 12-6:  PowerPoint on Cold War and Barin Pop

FR 12-7: Quiz on Holocaust and Nazi Party



M 12-10: Study Guide

T 12-11: Study Guide and Games on Lap Tops

W 12-12: Review Games on EURO HISTORY


FR 12-14: Go over Test on Europe