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Palmer Middle School                  Math 6                       2018 – 2019          



                    Mrs. Lumsden                             



Textbook:   McGraw-Hill Consumable Workbook

Students will have access to their online textbook:

Username: ccsd (enter lunch number)    Sample username à ccsd1234567

Password: cobbmath1

Additional Resources/Websites:



Course Description:  All students will be actively engaged in developing mathematical understandings in real and relevant contexts. By the end of 6th grade, students will be able to understand how to connect ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division and use concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems; have a complete understanding of division of fractions and extending the notion of a number to the system of rational numbers, which includes negative numbers; write, interpret, and use expressions and equations; and develop an understanding of statistical thinking.


Course Content:

          First Quarter

Unit 1: Number System Fluency (5 weeks)

Unit 2: Rate, Ratio & Proportional Reasoning (4 weeks)


          Second Quarter

Unit 3: Expressions (4 weeks)

Unit 4: One-Step Equations & Inequalities (5 weeks)


         Third Quarter

Unit 5: Area & Volume (5 weeks)

Unit 6: Statistics (4 weeks)


          Fourth Quarter

Unit 7: Rational Explorations: Numbers & Their Opposites  (3 weeks)

Unit 8: Extend and Review (6 weeks)


All grades will be a reflection of the Georgia Standards of Excellence and are either formative or summative in nature. 



Grading Procedures                                                                          Grade Scale:

Your grade will be determined as follows:                                         A            90-100%

                                                                                                            B            80-89%          

Summative & Performance Tasks      70%                                         C            74-79

   Formative Assessments                      30%                                      D            70-73%

                                                                                                             F            below 70%


Tests will be given at a minimum of one test per unit and announced one week in advance. 


Performance Tasks will be assigned for all units of study.  Students will work on tasks in class and may need to finish them at home.


Quizzes will be given throughout the units – some announced, others not.


Conduct Grades will be assigned in accordance with the school-wide grade behavior management plan.


Formative Assessments include daily class work, homework, warm ups, exit slips, and any other work that is completed in class.



Makeup Work:If you are absent, YOU are responsible for the work you missed.  Assignments are due on the date the teacher assigns.  If you are absent that day, it is due the first day you are back.  Homework assignments may be accessed by using the blog, calling a classmate, or by coming by the classroom and looking in the makeup work folder.   Assignments given during each grading period, will only be accepted during that grading period.



Everyday Materials/Required Supplies:

Notebook, Hand-Held Pencil Sharpener, Tape, Glue stick, Pencils, Pencils and More Pencils, Erasers, colored pencils, Expo/white board markers.


All students are expected to bring their math notebook, workbook and supplies to class daily. 


Please be aware this syllabus is only a guide and is subject to change in order to accommodate student progress as needed.













This class will follow the Palmer behavior plan which is included in the student agenda.



Please sign and return the portion below by your next class.  Thank you!  I look forward to working with you this year.


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