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Classroom Procedures:

  1. Students enter classroom quietly, enter homework in agenda, take out homework, sharpen pencils, and begin warm-up.
  2. While students complete warm-up, homework is checked for completion.
  3. Students need to have a notebook, workbook, pencil or black/blue pen, dry erase marker, glue stick, and agenda in order to be considered prepared.
  4. Students are to be respectful during instruction and remain seated.  
  5. Raise hand and ASK QUESTIONS.






It is important to establish a homework routine. To help with that, here are the homework policies for our class.

Math homework will be done nightly and checked for completion each day. We will review the homework problems during math class, so it is important to make sure your child has done the homework. If there is a question that you are unable to explain, please have your child show their attempt at answering the question and show all work.  Calculators may be used to check answers, but homework without work will be considered incomplete.


Projects will be given throughout the year. Projects will involve work at home and in class. Please help your child set up a schedule for reasonable completion so they don't procrastinate and try to finish the entire project right before the due date.


Having trouble with homework?

Some children may need a "break" before doing homework. A suggestion is to allow your   child time to rest, play, and unwind from school. They might need a healthy snack also.  Math homework at 6th grade level  should take no longer than 30 minutes. If it is consistently taking more than half an hour for your child to do their homework look at the reasons:

*Are they distracted? (watching TV, listening to music, texting, talking to their siblings)
*Is it a way to get out of doing homework?
*Are they having difficulty understanding the concept? - if so, provide assitance, but do not GIVE answers; if it is continual, arrange a conference so we can discuss the difficulty

*Does your child have a special place to complete homework with all tools necessary?

*Have their brought home their notebooks needed to help with the homework?

If you are still having difficulty with homework completion, please send me a note via email.  Your child's success in class is important to me.  Students learn by making mistakes, so please have your child show all work.