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Week of May 13th

Monday:  Proportional Relationships and graphing

Tuesday:  Math Inventory

Wednesday:  performance task due: Error analysis on inequalities

Wednesday/Thursday:  Solving proportional relationships and direct variation

Friday:  Field Day



Week of May 6th

Math Milestones: Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday:  Review for unit test

Thursday:  Unit test

Friday:  Complex fractions 



Week of April 29th

Monday:  Two step equations with fractional leading coefficients

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday:  Solving and graphing inequalities

Friday:  Study Guide for Unit 9 test


Week of April 22

Combining like terms with rational leading coefficients

Distributive property

Solving two step equations using algorithm and showing ALL work


Week of April 8

Monday/Tuesday:  Review for Unit Test

Wednesday:  Unit test

Thursday:  Properties with rational numbers

Friday:  Gallery Walk:  Amusement Park Project


Unit test on Wednesday, April 10th


Week of March 25

Monday:  Integer rules and decimals

Tuesday:  Additive Inverses and distance between ordered pairs/Amusement Park tasks 3 and 4

Wednesday:  Performance Task:  Debits and Credits

Thursday:  Study Guide

Friday:  Amusement Park:  Task 5




Week of March 18

Monday:  Review repeating and terminating decimals/Amusement Park

Tuesday:  Amusement Park

Wednesday:  Multiplying/Dividing Negative Mixed Numbers

Thursday/Friday:  Adding and Subtracting Negative Mixed Numbers



Week of March 11

Monday/Tuesday:  Adding and subtracting Integers

Wednesday:  Multiply and Divide Integers

Thursday:  All four operations practice

Friday:  Quiz/ compare and order rationals



Week of March 4

Monday/Tuesday :  Graphing polygons on coordinate plane

Wednesday:  Review

Thursday:  Unit 7 Summative Test

Introduction of Amusement Park Project:  Due March 27th

Friday:  Adding/Subtracting Integers -begining seventh grade content




Week of Feb. 25th

Monday:  Investigating Integers

Tuesday:  Absolute Value

Wednesday;  Graphing rational numbers on a number line

Thurs./Friday:  Graphing on Coordinate Plane




Week of Feb.11


Monday:  Unit 6 Test


Tuesday:  Where's Waldo --bring device


Wednesday:  Extended Response


Thursday/Friday:  Tasks to reinforce statistical practice




Week of Feb.4

Mon/Tues:  Box Plots

Wed:  Shape of Data

Thurs./Fri:  Study guide/ task cards

Unit test on Monday:  Feb.11


Week of Jan.28

Monday:  MOC; MOV; MAD practice


Wed:  Line Plots

Thurs:  Histograms

Friday:  Box Plots

Week of Jan.22

Tuesday:  Repeating vs. Terminating Decimals

Wed/Thurs:  MAD

Friday:  MAD/Dot plots


Week of Jan.13th

Monday-Wednesday: Measures of Variation

Thursday:  Quiz on Measures of Center and Variation

Friday:  MAD~Mean Absolute Deviation



Week of January 7th

Monday:  Math Inventory

Tuesday:  ABC Toy Company Performance Task

Wednesday:  MI completion/PT completion

Thursday:  Measures of Center

Friday:  Measures of Variation


Happy New Year!!!!




Week of Dec. 17th

Mon/Tues:  Review for Test

Wed:  Test on Geometry U5

Thurs/Fri:  Integer intro 


Week of Dec. 10th

Monday:  Composite shape quiz/Volume of rectangular prisms

Tues - Friday:  Surface Area of Prisms



Week of Dec. 3

Monday:  Preassessment

Tuesday:  Area of Parallelograms and Triangles

Wed. thru Friday:  Composite Shapes


Week of Nov.26

Monday:  Direct Variation

Tuesday:  Review for test


Thursday:  Cumulative Task

Friday:  Unit 5 Pretest; Test analysis


Week of Nov.12

Monday:  Quiz-One step equation word problems

Tuesday:  One step equations with manipulatives

Wednesday/Thursday:  Inequalities

Friday:  Study Guide




Week of Nov.5th

One step equations using inverse operations



Week of Oct. 29

Monday:  Performance Task-Summative grade

Tuesday:   Review for test

Wednesday: Unit Test

Thursday/Friday:  Intro to one step equations



Week of Oct.22

Monday/Tuesday:  Combining Like terms practice

Wednesday: Collaborative Study Groups

Thursday:  Task card practice

Friday:  Review





Week of Oct 15th

Conference Week - Early Dismissal

Mon. & Tues. ~ Distributive Property

Wed through Friday ~ Equivalent Expressions, also called Combining Like Terms



Week of Oct. 8

Monday:  Substitution

Tues/Wed.:  Translating Terms

Thursday:  Quiz

Friday:  Combining Like Terms


Week of Oct. 1

Monday:  Testing

Tuesday:  Exponents

Wed. thru Friday:  Order of Operations


Week of Sept. 17th

Monday/Tuesday:  Solve Percent Problems Practice

Wednesday/Thursday:  Review for Unit Test

Friday:  Test on Rates, Ratios, and Proportional Reasoning



Week of Sept. 10th

Monday:  Coordinate Plane

Tuesday: Ratio and Rate practice

Wed-Equivalent Ratios practice

Thursday/Friday:  Percent of a Number



Week of Sept. 4th

Ratios/Rates/& Ratio Tables



Week of Aug. 27th

Monday:  Unit test on Irespond

Tuesday:  Intro to Ratios 

Wednesday:  Rates and Unit Rates

Thursday:  Ratio tables

Friday:  Extension/test analysis


Week of Aug 20th

Monday:  Quiz completion; study guide

Tuesday:  GCF stations/complete study quide

Wednesday:  Decimals and Fractions review

Thursday:  Performance Task

Friday:  Test


Week of Aug. 13th

Mon:  Decimal word problems

Tues/Wed.;  Dividing Fractions and mixed numbers

Thurs/Fri-GCF and LCM



Week of Aug 6th

Monday:  Long division

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Sixth grade Diagnostic Test

Thursday:  Dividing decimals by a decimal

Friday:  Dividing decimals practice; Error Analysis



Welcome to 6th grade


Week of August 1, 2018


Wednesday:  Learn expectations


Thursday:  Adding and subtracting Decimals


Friday:  Break the Code:  Multiplying Decimals




End of 2017-2018 Schoolyear

Week of May 7th

Monday:  Review

Tuesday:  Unit Test/Performance Task 

Wednesday:  Math Inventory

Thursday & Friday: Unit Rates; complex fractions, and proportional relationships  




Week of April 30th

Two step equations and Two step Inequalities

Students will be tested on Unit 9 on Monday; May 7th


We still have another unit to learn in order to complete the 6/7 curriculum.  Students must be fluent with rational numbers; using the four mathematical operations with negative and positive numbers; including integers, fractions, and decimals. 




Week of March 26th

Monday:  Multiply and Divide rational numbers (fractions)

Tuesday:  Performance Task:  Adding and subtracting Rational numbers (decimals)

Wednesday:  Review for Unit 8 test

Thursday:  Unit 8 Test

Friday:  Unit 8 Touchstones/ Milestones review 



Week of March 19th

All four operations with rational numbers; including ordering rational #'s

Remember:  Rational numbers follow integer rules; so class time will be spent 

increasing fluency on integers.


Week of March 5

Monday/Tuesday:  Distance on the coordinate Plane

Wednesday:  Study guide

Thursday:  Unit 7 Test

Friday:  Notes on adding/subtracting integers

Extended response task


Week of Feb. 26th

Positive and negative integers on a number line

Absolute value

Graphing on all four quadrants of the coordinate plane

Distance between two points on a number line




Week of Feb.12

Monday:  Jeopardy review

Tuesday:  Unit Test on Statistics

Wed:  Show me love Task

Thursday:  Performance task:analyzing statistics and graphing

Friday:  Where's Waldo? ~ Collecting data; analyzing; bring cell



Week of Feb.5

Mon./Tues:  Box Plots

Wed./Thurs: Describing Data

Friday:  Study Guide~Test on 2/13


Week of Jan.29

Mon/Tues: MAD

Wed: Dot Plots

Thurs: Quiz/Histogram

Friday: Performance task using volume




Week of Jan.22nd

Monday:  Appropriate Measures

Tuesday:  Formative Learning Task

Wednesday:  Math Inventory~Lab 2

Thursday&Friday:  MAD



Week of Jan. 16th

Tuesday:  Measures of Variation and Center practice/Quiz

Wednesday:  Math Inventory

Thursday:  Appropriate Measures

Friday:  Formative Learning Task; explore MAD


Week of Jan.9

Tuesday:  Statistical questions; Mean, median, and mode

Wednesday:  Notes on Measures of variation; practice measures of center

Thursday:   Practice measures of center and variation

Friday:  Practice & Quiz



Week of Dec.18

Monday- Unit 5 Test

Tues/Wed:  Cereal box performance task


Week of Dec. 12

Tuesday:  SA of rectangular prisms

Wed/Thurs:  SA of triangular prisms

Friday;  Study guide/practice~check with QR codes




Week of Nov. 27

Monday:  Performance task on Equations and Inequalities

Tuesday:  Pretest on unit 5 concepts

Wednesday:  Formulas for area with triangles and parallelograms

Thursday & Friday:  Area of Composite figures



Week of Nov.13

Monday:  Independent (x) and dependent (y)variables~graphing 

Tuesday:  Translating inequalities practice/KAHOOT

Wednesday:  study guide/Task Card practice

Thursday:  Unit Test

Friday:  Retest on proportional reasoning standards/ solving one step inequalities placemat



Week of Nov.6

Monday:  Solving one step equations showing inverse operations formative/practice

Wednesday:  Manipulative/modeling one step equations

Thursday: Solving and graphing one step inequalities

Friday:  Quiz on one step equations; learning task on inequalities

Tutoring begins this week:  Wednesday's at 4:30 and Friday's at 8:15


Week of Oct.30

Monday:  Test review

Tuesday:  Unit three test

Wednesday:  AVID marking text/POW/substitution

Thursday & Friday:  One step equations using inverse operations


Week of October 23

Monday:  Order of operations review

Tuesday:  Translating terms review

Wednesday:  Distributive property and factoring review

Thursday:  Task Cards

Friday:  Kahoot (BYOD) 





Week of Oct. 16~Conference week 

Monday:  quiz

Tuesday thru Friday:  Combining Like terms



Week of Oct. 9~start of quarter 2

Mon. & Tues:  Translating Algebraic Expressions

Wednesday:  Properties: Associative, commutative, distributive, identity

Thursday: Distributive and Factoring~Early release

Friday:  Learning Task on properties




Week of October 2

Monday:  Exponents

Tuesday & Wednesday:  Order of Operations

Thursday:  Algebraic Expressions

Friday:  Error Analysis on Order of Operations








Week of Sept.18

Monday & Tuesday:  Percents 

Tuesday: review placemat

Wednesday:  Tape diagrams/comversions

Thursday;  Practice

Friday:  Unit two test





A camp designed for mathematically talented students interested in competitive mathematics
September 25-28, 2017
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Walton High School
September Math Camp is designed to introduce 4th through 6th grade students talented in mathematics to competitive mathematics. Students will
 Explore math topics
 Practice solving ciphering questions quickly
 Learn problem-solving strategies
 Experience practice tournaments
Registration is $150.
Late Registration (after September 18) is $175



See 6/7 Math camp tab for flyer if interested...........






Week of Sept. 11--Unit 2 Test on Thursday Sept. 22

Monday/Tuesday:  Hurricane Irma - no school

Wednesday: percent of a number

Thursday:  Percents proportions

Friday:  Percents practice







Week of Sept. 5

Tuesday:  ratio table and equivalent fractions practice

Wednesday: quiz; ratio and rate problems

Thursday:  test corrections (below 80%) or Task Card to practice ratio, rates, and unit rates

Friday:  Graphing ratio tables on the coordinate plane





Week of August 28


Monday:  Into to Ratios, rates, and unit rate


Tuesday/Wednesday:  Learning task; practice on Ratios, rates and Unit rate


Thursday:  Unit rate best buy


Friday:  Quiz








Week of August 21 

Monday~Solar Eclipse:  Word problem practice

Tuesday: GCF and LCM practice

Wednesday:  Jeopardy review for test

Thursday:  Unit 1 Test

Friday: Performance task



Week of August 14th

Monday: Decimal word problem

Tuesday & Wednesday: Dividing fractions 

Thursday:  Dividing mixed numbers

Friday:  LCM/GCF ~ word problem solving



Week of August 7-11


Monday:  Show what you know on multiplication of decimals 

Tuesday:  Division of decimals exploration

Wednesday:  Decimal Word problems 

Thursday:  Math Inventory

Friday:  Decimals quiz






Week of July 31st


Monday:  Introduction to Sixth Grade

Tuesday:  Show what you know 

 Wednesday & Thursday:  Diagnostic testing

Friday:  Diagnostic testing


































































Week of May 8

Monday:  Math Inventory

Tuesday-Thursday;  Two Step Equations

Friday: Quiz, solving inequalities



Week of May 1

Combining like terms, distributive property with integers, properties,

and solving one step equations






Week of April 10th

Monday;  Review rules of integers; add and subtract positive

and negative decimals

Tuesday:  Performance task:  Debits and Credits

Wednesday:  Manipulatives representing multiplication:  practice all four operations

Thursday:  Multiplying and Dividing Rational numbers: focus on fractions

 Friday:  Quiz :  Am I ready to move on?








Week of March 27th

Monday:  practice all four operations with integers

Tuesday:  Repeating and terminating decimals

Wednesday:  Gallery walk of Amusement park projects


Operations with rational numbers

Thursday/Friday:  operations with rational numbers 


Touchstone 7 was administered to students to guide instruction and was not used as a test grade.

Students summative grade will be the second Amusement Park grade:  Area of polygons on a plane,

written reflection, participation, and creativity on final project.






Week of March 13th

Monday-Wednesday:  Amusement Park Performance Task/Summative

Graphing positive and negative Integers~absolute value

Thursday& Friday:  Adding and Subtracting Integers


☘ Pi Day 🍀










Week of March 6

Monday-Tuesday:  Graphing on coordinate plane, reflecting coordinates across an axis

Wednesday thru Friday:  Amusement Park Performance Task 






Week of Feb. 27th

Integers and graphing

Absolute Value

Graphing in all four quadrants 




Week of Feb. 6th

Monday -- practice with box&whiskers plots

Tuesday/Wednesday -- describing Data

Thursday/Friday -- Culminating task/review for Unit Test

Unit test on Tuesday, Feb. 14th. 



Week of January 23 


Touchstone for Unit 5

Mad, Measures of Center and Measures of Variation

Dot plots, histograms, and box plots





Welcome Back!

Week of January 11-13

Wed:  What is a statistical question?  Surface Area Learning task due tomorrow!

Thurs.:  Measures of Center

Friday:  Measures of Variation


Week of January 5-6

Thurs:  AVID marking the text with Llamas and Ostrich's

Friday:  Llamas and Ostrich's Problem of the Week (POW) explanations

Begin Surface Area learning task with manipulatives






Week of December 12-16

Monday -- Volume of rectangular prisms with decimals and fractions

Tuesday - Thursday-- Surface Area using nets 

Friday -- Math Inventory


Unit Test -- Tuesday, Dec. 20th



Week of December 5-9

Monday and Tuesday -- composite figures

Wednesday -- volume of rectangular prisms

Thursday -- volume of triangular prisms

Friday -- surface area introduction







Week of November 28th

Monday -- prereq skills for area / test corrections

Tuesday -- area of triangles and parallelograms//project revisit

Wed. & Thurs. --area of composite figures

Friday -- Quiz







Week of November 14-18

Monday -- Learning task - collaboratively

Tuesday --- Unit Test

Wednesday - Thursday -- work on project that was assigned on 11/11

Friday -- project due:  Project is to create an activity that utilizes skills learned 

to solve equations or inequalities.







Week of October 24-28

One Step Equations using all four operations


Explorations writing equations and solving





Week of Oct. 10-14 

Monday - Equivalent Expressions

Tuesday/Wednesday - Combining Like Terms

Thursday - Centers practicing skills, including distributive property,

order of ops, like terms, ets. 

Friday -- Performance Task/Study guide


Unit Test on Tuesday, Oct. 18th






Week of Sept. 6-9

Tuesday-Equivalent fractions and rate word problem

Wednesday- practice w/word problems: ratio and unit rate

Thursday & Friday - graphing coordinates 


Week of August 22-26


Monday-GCF and LCM


Tuesday-- Word problems


Thursday-- Task

Friday-- Performance Task




Unit Test on Thursday, September 1







August 15-19

Monday:  Dividing fractions by fractions

Tuesday:  Finding quotient of two mixed numbers-- OPEN HOUSE

Wednesday:  Finding quotient of two mixed numbers

Thursday:  CTLS via IRespond & modeling fractions

Friday:  LCM & GCF






August 8-12

Monday:  Show what you know on multiplication and division of decimals

Tuesday:  SMI in computer lab

Wednesday:  Division of decimals exploration

Thursday:  Decimal Word problems & quiz

Friday:  Performance Task using Decimals