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Week of May 13th

Monday:  Math Inventory

Tuesday:  Performance Task:  debits and credits/two step equations

Wednesday/Thursday:  Fractions and solving two step equations

Thursday:  Quiz

Week of May 6

Math Milestones on Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday/Thursday:  Applying Integer rules to decimals and fractions

Friday:  Performance task ~ Debits and Credits



Week of April 29th

Adding; subtracting; multiplying; dividing integers

Students must be  fluent 


Week of April 22

Integer Timeline Project

Using counters and number lines to add and subtract Integers





Week of April 8


Monday:  Converting fractions into decimals


Tues./Wed. : Graphing rational numbers on a  number line


Thursday:  Graphing on Coordinate Plane


Friday:  Quiz; Distance between ordered pairs





Week of March 25th

Monday:  Integers and the number line

Tuesday:  Absolute Value

Wednesday:  Performance task:  Measures of Center and Variation

Thursday:  Compare and Order Integers

Friday:  Quiz



Week of March 18th


Monday:  Histograms


Tuesday:  Study Guide Review


Wednesday:  Task cards/Centers Practice


Thursday:  Unit Test


Friday:  Performance Task






Week of March 11th

Mon-Appropriate measures

Tuesday:  Dot Plots

Wednesday:  Describing Data

Thursday:  Histograms

Friday:  Box Plots


Unit Test on Thursday, March 21




Week of March 4th


Monday:  What is a statistical question?

Tues/Wed:  Measures of Center

Thursday/Friday:  Measures of Variation





 Week of Feb.25th

Monday:  Volume of rectangular prisms

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Review for Unit Test

Thursday:  Unit 5 summative Test

Friday:  Prodigy Math/Test evaluation/corrections


Unit Test on Thursday; Feb.28th




Week of Feb.11


Monday:  Surface Area of Rectangular Prism review


Tuesday:  Surface Area of Triangular Prism


Wednesday:  SA of a pyramid


Thursday:Surface area task cards 


Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz


Unit Test on Thursday; Feb.28th





Week of Feb.4

Monday/Tuesday:  Area of Composite Shapes

Wednesday:  Performance on composite shapes

Thursday/Friday:  Surface area of a rectangular prism


Week of Jan.28th

Mon./Wed:  Area Practice of parallelograms and Triangles

Thursday:  Area Practice of parallelograms and Triangles with manipulative

Friday:  intro to area of composite Shapes




Week of January 22nd!


Tuesday:  Study guide


Wednesday:  Unit Test


Thursday:  Unit 5 benchmark


Friday:  Test corrections/Prodigy Math






Unit test:  Wednesday, January 23rd over


writing and solving one step equations


writing and graphing inequalities


Direct Variation with graphing





Week of Jan.13th

Monday: Direct Variation w/graphing

Tuesday-Friday:  Writing and graphing inequalities


Unit test:  Wednesday, January 23rd over

writing and solving one step equations

writing and graphing inequalities

Direct Variation with graphing




Week of January 7th

Monday:  Math Inventory

Tuesday:  Review One Step equation word problems

Wednesday:  Prodigy Math 

Thursday/Friday:  Function Tables;Direct Variation



Happy New Year!!



Week of December 17th


Monday:  One step equation word problems


Tuesday:  One Step equations review


Wednesday:  One step equations mid-unit Test


Thurs/Friday:  Skills review/remediation






Week of Dec. 10th


Mon/Tues:  One step equations with addition and subtraction


Wed:  One step equations with multiplication


Thurs:  One step equations with division


Friday:  One step equations; all operations






Week of Dec. 3


Monday & Tuesday:  Combining Like Terms


Wednesday/Thursday:  Study Guide


Friday:  Unit # TEST





Week of Nov. 26

Monday:  Properties

Tuesday:  Distributive Property/Factoring

Wednesday:  QUIZ

Thursday:  Practice

Friday:  Study Groups/Practice



Week of Nov.12th


Monday:  Substitution

 Tuesday /Wednesday:  Translating expressions

Thursday:  Quiz/Properties

 Friday:  Properties; Task card practice




Week of Nov. 5


Wed/Thurs:  Order of Operations

 Friday:  Performance Task




Week of Oct.29th

Monday/Tuesday:  Review for test

Wednesday:  Unit Two Test

Thursday:  Exponents

Friday:  Order of Operations





Week of Oct. 22


Mon/Tues:  Finding Percent of a Number


Wed/Thurs:  Percent Problems


Friday:  Quiz/unit measure conversions practice




Unit Test on Wed., OCT 31




Week of Oct. 15th

Conference Week~Early Release

Students will be ordering Fractions, Decimals, & Percents all week

Students will be practicing converting fluently between the three different forms:  Students must be able to divide a numerator by a denominator in order to write a decimal.  





Week of Oct. 8th


Fractions to Decimals; decimals to fractions


Decimals to percents; percents to decimals


Fractions to percents; percents to fractions


Ordering fractions, decimals, and percents 






Week of OCT. 1


Review of Ratios, rates, unit rates, and ratio tables


Unit Test on Friday





Week of Sept. 17

Monday:  Ratio Tables

Tuesday:  Graphing ratios on a coordinate plane

Wednesday:  Equivalent Ratios

Thursday:  Ratio and Rate Problems

Friday:  Ratio; rates, and Equivalent Ratios




Week of Sept. 10th

Weekly warm-up due on Friday; both sides

Monday:  Ratios

Tues/Wed:  Rates and Unit Rates

Thurs:  Ratio Tables

Friday:  Best Buy using rates and unit rates






week of Sept. 4th


Tuesday:  Review for Unit test


Wednesday/Thursday:  Unit test


Friday:  Calorie Counter PT





Week of Aug27th

Monday:  LCM and GCF

Tuesday:  GCF and LCM Practice

Wednesday:  Remediation/Study guide

Thursday:  Distributive property

Friday:  Performance task/study guide


Unit test on Wednesday, Sept. 5th





Week of Aug 20th


Monday:  Multiplying Fractions


Tues/Wed/Thurs: Dividing fractions and mixed numbers


Friday:  Quiz






Week of August 13th

Mon and Tues:  Long division

Wed. and Thurs.:  Dividing decimals

Friday:  Quiz



Week of August 6th

Monday:  Multiply whole number by decimal

Tuesday:  Multiply decimal by a decimal

Wednesday:  Decimal operation practice

Thursday:  Diagnostic Test

Friday:  Decimals Quiz/Complete diagnostic



Welcome to 6th grade!

Week of August 1, 2018


Wednesday:  Learn expectations


Thursday:  Adding and subtracting Decimals


Friday:  Break the Code:  Can you fluently add/subtract decimals?







Week of May 8

Students will continue to practice fluency of all operations with integers, absolute value, and finding

distance between two integers.  Students need to be fluent with addition, subtraction, multiplication,

and division of integers (positive and negative numbers)


Same sign, add and keep

Different signs, find the difference and keep the sign of the integer whose absolute value is larger


Multiplication and division:  Same signs, answer is positive

Different signs, answer is negative


Study and practice!!  Fluency quiz later this week.






Week of April 10th

Test on Friday on integers and coordinate plane

Monday:  Review coordinate plane

Tuesday:  Learning Task - reviewing unit 7

Wednesday - Review

Thursday -milestones practice/review as needed 

Friday:  Test

personal glue stick and dry erase marker 












Week of March 27th


Monday:  Absolute value


Tuesday:  Repeating and terminating decimals


Wednesday:  Graphing Rational numbers


Thursday:  Quiz


Friday:  Coordinate plane:  Graphing, labeling, finding distance




Sorry for any confusion:  Our Unit Test was on Tuesday, March 21 and this was clear to the students. 


Test was announced on Thursday, 3/9 and was on the board to be copied in AGENDA beginning on 3/14.






Friday, 3/24 Students learned about Integers.  See Powerpoint on main page








Week of March 13th:  Test on March 23       

Monday - Tuesday:  Box Plots and Measures of Variation

Wednesday:  Describing data

Thursday:  Quiz

Friday:  Analyzing Data




Week of March 6th 

Monday - Tuesday:  Interquartile Range and Measures of center

Wednesday:  Dot Plots

Thursday:  Histograms

Friday:  Box and Whiskers plots 







Week of Feb. 27th

Monday:  What is a statistical question?

Tuesday & Wednesday :  Mean, median, mode

Thursday:  Quiz

Friday:  Interquartile Range 








Week of Feb. 6th 

Unit Test on Wednesday, Feb. 15th

Mon - Wed : surface area of 3D figures

Thursday :  Volume 

Friday :  Learning Task 






                                                                        Week of January 23

                                                                    Mon-Tues - Area of Triangles and parallelograms