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Week of April 29th

Integer Timeline Project

Milestones Review


Week of April 22

Milestones Review



Week of April 8

Monday:  Converting fractions into decimals

Tues./Wed. : Graphing rational numbers on a  number line

Thursday:  Graphing on Coordinate Plane

Friday:  Quiz; Distance between ordered pairs



Week of March 25th

Monday:  Integers and the number line

Tuesday:  Absolute Value

Wednesday:  Compare and Order Integers

Thursday:  Quiz: Complete Above and below Sea Level

Friday:  Fractions practice



Week of March 18th

Monday:  Histograms

Tuesday:  Study Guide Review

Wednesday:  Task cards/Centers Practice

Thursday:  Unit Test

Friday:  Milestones Practice



Week of March 11th

Mon-Appropriate measures

Tuesday:  Dot Plots

Wednesday:  Describing Data

Thursday:  Histograms

Friday:  Box Plots


Unit Test on Thursday, March 21




Week of March 4th

Monday:  What is a statistical question?

Tues/Wed:  Measures of Center

Thursday/Friday:  Measures of Variation



Week of Feb.25th

Monday:  Volume of rectangular prisms

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Review for Unit Test

Thursday:  Unit 5 summative Test

Friday:  Prodigy Math/Test evaluation/corrections


Unit Test on Thursday; Feb.28th



Week of Feb.11

Monday:  Surface Area of Rectangular Prism review

Tuesday:  Surface Area of Triangular Prism

Wednesday:  SA of a pyramid

Thursday:Surface area task cards 

Friday:  Vocabulary Quiz

Unit Test on Thursday; Feb.28th


Week of Feb.4

Monday/Tuesday:  Area of Composite Shapes

Wednesday:  Performance on composite shapes

Thursday/Friday:  Surface area of a rectangular prism


Week of Jan.28th

Monday:  Area of parallelogram

Wed:  Area of Triangles

Thursday/Friday:  Area Practice of parallelograms and Triangles

Friday:  intro to area of composite Shapes



Week of January 22nd!

Tuesday:  Study guide

Wednesday:  Unit Test

Thursday:  Unit 5 benchmark

Friday:  Test corrections/Prodigy Math




Unit test:  Wednesday, January 23rd over

writing and solving one step equations

writing and graphing inequalities

Direct Variation with graphing



Week of Jan.13th


Monday: Direct Variation w/graphing


Tuesday-Friday:  Writing and graphing inequalities



Week of January 7th

Monday:  Math Inventory

Tuesday:  Review One Step equation word problems

Wednesday:  Prodigy Math 

Thursday/Friday:  Function Tables;Direct Variation



Happy New Year!!



Week of December 17th

Monday:  One step equation word problems

Tuesday:  One Step equations review

Wednesday:  One step equations mid-unit Test

Thurs/Friday:  Skills review/remediation



Week of Dec. 10th

Mon/Tues:  One step equations with addition and subtraction

Wed:  One step equations with multiplication

Thurs:  One step equations with division

Friday:  One step equations; all operations


Week of Dec. 3

Monday & Tuesday:  Combining Like Terms

Wednesday/Thursday:  Study Guide

Friday:  Unit # TEST



Week of Nov. 26

Monday:  Properties

Tuesday:  Study groups

Wednesday:  Quiz ~ EXTRA CREDIT DUE

Thursday:  Distributive property and factoring

Friday:  Property Practice


Week of Nov.12th

Monday:  Order of Operations

Tuesday:  Substitution

Wed thru Friday:  Translating expressions

Quiz on Friday


Week of Nov. 5

Wed/Thurs:  Order of Operations

Friday:  Test Corrections; Performance Task



Week of Oct.29th

Monday/Tuesday:  Review for test

Wednesday:  Unit Two Test

Thursday:  Exponents

Friday:  Order of Operations



Week of Oct. 22

Mon/Tues:  Finding Percent of a Number

Wed/Thurs:  Percent Problems

Friday:  Quiz/unit measure conversions practice


Unit Test on Wed., OCT 31


Week of Oct. 15th

Conference Week~Early Release

Students will be ordering Fractions, Decimals, & Percents all week

Students will be practicing converting fluently between the three different forms:  Students must be able to divide a numerator by a denominator in order to write a decimal.  



Week of Oct. 8th

Fractions to Decimals; decimals to fractions

Decimals to percents; percents to decimals

Fractions to percents; percents to fractions

Ordering fractions, decimals, and percents 



Week of OCT. 1

Review of Ratios, rates, unit rates, and ratio tables

Unit Test on Friday



Week of Sept. 17

Monday:  Ratio Tables

Tuesday:  Graphing ratios on a coordinate plane

Wednesday:  Equivalent Ratios

Thursday:  Ratio and Rate Problems

Friday:  Ratio; rates, and Equivalent Ratios



Week of Sept. 10th

Weekly warm-up due on Friday; both sides

Monday:  Ratios

Tues/Wed:  Rates and Unit Rates

Thurs:  Ratio Tables

Friday:  Best Buy using rates and unit rates


week of Sept. 4th

Tuesday:  Review for Unit test

Wednesday/Thursday:  Unit test

Friday:  Calorie Counter PT



Week of Aug27th

Monday:  LCM

Tuesday:  GCF

Wednesday:  Remediation/practice

Thursday:  Distributive property

Friday:  Performance task/study guide


Unit test on Wednesday, Sept. 5th



Week of Aug 20th

Monday:  Multiplying Fractions

Tues/Wed/Thurs: Dividing fractions and mixed numbers

Friday:  Quiz



Week of August 13th

Mon and Tues:  Long division

Wed. and Thurs.:  Dividing decimals

Friday:  Quiz



Week of August 6th

Monday:  Multiply whole number by decimal

Tuesday:  Multiply decimal by a decimal

Wednesday:  Decimal operation practice

Thursday:  Diagnostic Test

Friday:  Decimals Quiz/Complete diagnostic



Welcome to 6th grade

Week of August 1, 2018

Wednesday:  Learn expectations

Thursday:  Adding and subtracting Decimals

Friday:  Break the Code:  Can you fluently add/subtract decimals?








__________________End of 2017-2018