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Mrs. Sulva


English 8A 


  • Our first unit of the year will focus on Launching 8th Grade Skills.
  • In this unit, students will focus on citing the best evidence.  Using John Cheever’s “Reunion,” Daniel Keyes’ “Flowers for Algernon,” and other supplemental texts, students will cite the strongest textual evidence and analyze how it propels action, reveals character traits, and/or provokes a decision.  Students’ progress will be assessed through their annotations and/or notes, class discussion, quizzes, and writings, including a narrative, a literary analysis, and a research simulation.  Teachers will also use this unit to introduce annotations, discussion techniques, and writing skills such as paragraph format, quote integration, and internal citation usage.







  • Please have something to write with (pencils or black/blue pens)

  • You will be provided with a binder to keep in the classroom that keeps your materials organized for RWW.