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Frost School

Start Plan



  • We will check the temperature of every student every morning, and monitor for symptoms of fever and other sickness throughout the day.


  • After temperature check, students will report directly to homeroom class.


  • Students will receive a grab and go breakfast and will eat in the classroom.


  • We will practice social distancing to the extent possible in every aspect of campus.


  • We will follow all guidelines set forth by Governor Edwards, State Superintendent Cade Brumley, Livingston Parish Schools Superintendent Joe Murphy, and Livingston Parish School Board.


  • We will practice frequent hand washing for everyone on campus.


  • We will practice frequent sanitizing and cleaning of all touchable surfaces and all areas of Frost School campus.


  • We will use all avenues of communication to keep our parents and community updated and involved in our process as we navigate these uncharted waters.


  • We will practice safe, commonsense measures to ensure that all students and staff members are protected to the extent possible from the spread of Covid-19.   


  • Everyone who is sick must stay home. They can return once cleared by a doctor.
  • Parents must pick up a child with fever or who is sick. Student cannot return until cleared by a doctor.


  • We will maintain class sizes that comply with all Federal, State, and Local mandates.


  • We ask, but do not require, students in grades 3-8, who change classes to wear mask for the prevention and spread of Covid-19.


  • We will not require students in Pre-K -2nd to wear masks.


  • We ask faculty and staff to wear mask when entering and exiting the campus, and when changing classes. Teachers will not be required to wear mask while teaching.


  • We will not require anyone with breathing difficulties to wear a mask.


  • We will not offer any sporting events or parent assemblies as long as we remain in Phase 2 of the Covid-19 recovery.


  • We will comply with all mandates concerning the number of students allowed to ride buses.


  • We ask and encourage our students to be car riders until farther notice to help with the prevention and spread of Covid- 19.


  • We will offer a “hybrid” form of instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. This means we will use teaching strategies that incorporate both traditional teaching and virtual/digital models of teaching.


  • To the extent possible, we will follow our master schedule on a daily basis.


  • We will be/are prepared to offer digital education to every student enrolled at Frost School if it becomes necessary to close school at any point during the 2020-2021 school year.


  • Grades 3-8 will continue to change classes to the extent possible.


  • We cannot allow visitors on Frost School campus at this time. This is to help with the prevention and spread of Covid-19.


  • Field trips will not be allowed until farther notice.


  • We will separate sick students and staff from the general school population to help prevent the spread of Covid – 19.


  • We ask and encourage students to bring water in clear plastic bottles, because no water fountain will not be available to help with prevention and spread of Covid – 19.


  • We are working to develop methods other than water fountains to provide water to students and staff.


  • We will have recess outside, to the extent possible, according to grade levels.


  • We will adjust our breakfast and lunch procedures to protect our students and staff from the spread of Covid – 19.


  • Students can bring lunch from home.


  • We will provide accommodations and modifications to students who need it.


  • This plan is subject to change as new mandates and guidelines are issued. Please work with us and be patient as we work through this together.


  • More details about this plan will be discussed with faculty, staff, and parents at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.