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Current Happenings in the 6-C Crew!





We are have read the "Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs, just in time for Halloween. We read closely and cited evidence throughout the text to answer questions. C-Crew productions are in full swing as students are writing scripts for their upcoming film adaptations of the Monkey's Paw.




 Space Science is still the name of the game. We have been researching rockets, mass, thrust, and payload, while also creating rockets in STEAM.


Social Studies


We are finishing up our study of the Revolution with the students creating Minecraft Museum exhibits. They had researched one of the important events of the Revolution and are working on creating their museum display.




We are finishing up graphs! We have learned about Histograms, Dot Plots, Central Tendency, Mean Absolute Deviation, and so much more. They have truly become statisticians!




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