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Current Happenings in the 6-C Crew!





We are reading the Watsons go to Birmingham, a novel set in the time of the Civil Rights movement. The novel follows the Wierd Watsons as they travel to Birmingham Alabama. We are learning about the Civil Rights Movement as well!




 We are currently working on Biomes. Students are researching Biomes and will build a 3D model of their Biome using Cospaces.


Social Studies


We are working through Mesopotamia as we continue to work through Ancient Civilizations. The connections we make to Mesopotamia will be helpful in making more sense of Ancient Egypt. 




Both of our math groups are working on Inequalities. We are making sense of the three BIG concepts of Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities. They are doing an awesome job so far!




If you have any questions or concerns; please do not hesitate to contact me. 
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~Mr. Cerullo