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Some Background About Me

I have 3 sons - Thomas, Daniel, and Andrew. 

I like cooking, poetry, writing, reading, and the occasional TV show binge.

I'm a huge fan of Miss Maisel on Prime and The Ranch on Netflix. I also like

to watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory and The West Wing on HBOMax.
I also really love sunrises on the beach and hiking in the mountains. 

I am a morning person and coffee addicted :)



How did I get to Tuckerton? I came to teaching the long way around, a journey that would have been much
shorter had I just listened to my mother. 

Jesuit Catholic high school
   >>> Jesuit Catholic university
      >>> giving tours led to an Admissions job
         >>> explored for-profit/corporate jobs
            >>> returned to college admissions at Fairleigh Dickinson
               >>> got married & had our oldest
                  >>> moved over to corporate recruiting until 9/11
                     >>> back to school for a Master of Arts in Teaching at STAC


I am certified to teach Childhood Education (K-8) and Special  Education (K-12)
in NY and NJ. After a decade of
bouncing around from job to job, looking for a
place to do meaningful work, I had finally found my passion.

While we lived in New York I taught in a K-1-2 classroom
for students with multiple disabilities.

But then...
                  ...Twins happened.

A year and a half later, we moved to south Jersey. I found my 2nd home at T.E.S.
 The 2021-2022 school year will be my 15th year with my T.E.S. family.

The boys are all teenagers now. They have kept me learning and growing 
personally and professionally. My olderst, Thomas, loves to read and write
and is fascinated with political science and history. He aspires to be a White House
Chief of Staff or Deputy COS.


In the meantime, after aging out of youth sports, the twins have become baseball

umpires. Daniel, especially, is an exceptional umpire and works a couple of hundred 

games each year in Little League and competitive travel ball. Andrew and Thomas work

some LL games but both work in more traditional teen jobs, as well.


I am a former NY State volunteer E.M.T. who hasn't found time to get certified in 
New Jersey yet. But I do miss driving an ambulance and serving my community! 
I share some of my experiences with my students as we move throughout the year. 
Much of what I share ties in very nicely with our Tuckerton PD T.E.A.M.S. program.

   (Me with the bag, L. The bag was pointless at                  
My Thursday night riding partner, Sonny, and hi
      that moment.)                                                              NJ-TaskForce1 S/R partner, Piper. Both served 
                                                                                        faithfully, tirelessly, and heroically at Ground Zero
                                                                  in the days following the 9/11 attack.

Aside from that, I do what I can to read, to learn, and to laugh every day. I live and die
with NY Rangers hockey. I love coffee and pizza.
I'm a fan of Duke Basketball, the
San Francisco 49ers, and the NY Mets. I make horrible puns and Dad Jokes. I enjoy
going to work every day because I never know what to expect from my students; that
makes every day a new adventure for me.

A Word About My Time at T.E.S.


When I speak with other teachers, friends, and parents, I am the one everyone envies. 
many schools lack the forward-thinking teachers and administrators we have here
who place a high value on the *whole* child and the *entire* school experience, not just
When that focus changes, amazing learning experiences and
opportunities arise. O
ur students really begin to see and understand their world in an
incredibly powerful and personal
way. When THAT happens, content-learning is more
natural and meaningful. I
t will stick with you for a lifetime

I have frequently told our staff, our principal, and our superintendent that - despite any
challenges we face at T.E.S. - the grass is truly greener on *OUR* side of the fence. 

It always is when you water it and care for it properly!

A Final Word About Me as a Teacher
I have been incredibly fortunate to work with your children. I laugh everyday. As cliche
as it sounds, they are the best part of my job. Your children make getting up everyday easy.
I often share with my friends the learning and the projects and the conversations and the
opportunities I've had working with your children. *They* are amazed and inspired by
the incredible young men and women you are raising. I couldn't be prouder to learn with
and from them every day.

They inspire me to want to learn, grow, and transform into the teacher they need and 
deserve. I spend hours trying to do just that. My day hardly starts and stops in the 
classroom. It is filled with conferences on weekends, Twitter chats at 5:30 in the morning 
and on Saturdays & Sundays with teachers from around the world, reading professional 
books and blogs, and planning, planning, planning...*during* the lesson.
My dream is to one day become the perfect combination of Mr. Feeny, Mr. Keating, 
and Mr. Holland. Not there quite yet. But I'm reaching for it!  (Kudos to you if you know
all three TV & movie references there!)

My Educational Philosophy, in brief: 1. When you walk in the room, be ready to work. Discovery, understanding,
reflection, and exploration are work.


2.  We work together. Our room is a partnership. You've got responsibilities. I've 
got responsibilities. We never have to go it alone! But ultimately, a person's learning
is what they make of it. In that regard, I am more like the Home Depot of education:

You can build it. I can help. 


3. We say YES! Moving out of our confort zone and saying YES! to
the new,
challenging, and even scary is how we grow. Unless it's reckless, YES! is the only 
way to grow.

4. Mistakes and epic fails are most welcome!
When you are focused, have done
prep / advance work, and are ready to tackle the challenge, mistakes and fails
can still happen, but you will learn from them.  On the other hand, mistakes and fails 
due to lack
of preparation, effort, focus, engagement, or interest are never acceptable.


5.  Learning is SO. MUCH. MORE. than memorization. We do. We think. We 
We dream. We wonder. We engage. We explain. We construct. We read.
We write. We
challenge. We consider. We refute. We grow. We change. We create.
Learning is 24/7 when
done right.

      If your child is not a more powerful learner and thinker when they leave
      my room, then I have failed in my #1 Mission.


That's it. That's me. I am happy to answer any other questions my parents and
students have.  You need only ask!  The best place to reach me is email, at
least, to start: [email protected]