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October 20, 2021:

Just a reminder about tomorrow's TES Spirit Day:



September 21

Good evening!

      Welcome to our Virtual, self-paced Back-to-School program. Mrs. Doran and I are excited to be back and working in our regular positions as 3rd-6th Grade Basic Skills teachers. Please use this PRESENTATION LINK to listen to and see our slideshow for this evening and this feedback form to let us know what other information you still need.

   Thank you,

      ~ Mr. Ubelhoer



August 31 

Oh, man! Teachers are back for 3 days of in-service training. You should feel the buzz and vibe in here! Sorry to see summer go, but we are definitely ready to get back to the classroom. :)

~ Mr.U


August 20




As of August 19, we are expected to be back in the classroom, full capacity. While we must wear masks, let's focus on the joy of returning with all students, teachers, and staff. Not since March 12, 2020 have we had that opportunity. I am excited and cannot wait!


I am back in my role as an ELA Basic Skills teachers. Though I have a core group to focus on throughout the year, the reality is that I will work with almost all of my 3rd through 6th graders. Why?

First, my core group of students may be lacking a couple of skills that their peers have already secured. No big deal. That's why I'm here - to help them secure those skills. Oftentimes these are skills from a previous grade level that may be building block skills for *this* year. So, to be successful this year, I need to make sure I help students secure those missing or weak skills. 

Second, not everyone in my core group has the same missing or weak skills. I don't always work with every BSI student each time I'm in the room. That said, I will check in with each of my core students each day I'm in the room. When they need help, I'll be there!

Lastly, even though some students are selected to enter the basic skills program, *all* students have missing or under-developed skills somewhere in their "ELA tookbox". When that happens, regardless of who they are, I'll be there to help them, as well! If I can help build the skills today, they won't have to worry about them tomorrow.


I've missed seeing the students. I've especially missed our conversations - short and long - that help me understand who they are and what they're all about. I've missed working with them and watching them grow up-close. I cannot wait to have them back.

See you in a couple of weeks!


~ Mr. U