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Objectives for the week of April 8:


Reading: We will read a nonfiction text this week titled, A Tree is a Plant. Students will 

practice finding information based on the sequential order of events in the text.


Spelling: Every Monday students take a spelling pre-test using a spelling list that aligns

with our story of the week.  Students who score 100% on the pre-test will be given a more

challenging list to practice during the week.  Spelling tests will be given on Friday.  The test for this

spelling list will be given on Friday, April 12.  This week's spelling pattern is oo, ew, and ue.

Spelling words: soon, new, noon, zoo, boot, too, moon, blew, soup, you

Advanced spelling words: broom, scoop, spoon, moose, balloon, threw, screw, true, cruel, fuel


Math:  This week we will be finishing up Chapter 6, all about counting and modeling

numbers.  Reviews will be sent home on Tuesday, with the chapter test on Wednesday.  

We will also finish up Chapter 10, about data, at the end of the week.  Chapter 10 test will

be on Monday.




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Mrs. Stein                                       Mrs. Gleason