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Welcome back!

I hope you had a wonderfully musical and restful summer!   Please check here for information concerning the Music program and if you can't find what you're looking for, please send me an email.

In September the 2nd and 3rd Year instrumental students will begin lessons in week 2 or 3.  Our first goal will be to find a new band slogan!


Fourth Grade students will receive information about joining the instrumental program in the 2nd week of school.  We have a reputable rental company, please do not purchase or rent an instrument until you are sure that there is room in that class.


I'm excited to be starting another year at TES, it surely will be filled with MUSIC!



Coming soon!

Please be on the lookout for Class Dojo sign in information if your child is a band student.

You can check there to track points earned (each 25 points wins a musical charm to put on their chain!) and

I try to video tape a portion of the lesson so that you can see your son or daughter's progress!  It is also a 

great place to correspond about our instrumental lessons.


Before September is over I will be sending home information about beginning instrumental lessons.

These classes are being scheduled now and are offered first to 4th Grade students.  Any classes that

do not fill up and have open spots are offered to older students providing they have no schedule conflict

with that class.  It takes several weeks to see if there will be any available spots.


Please do not purchase or rent an instrument for your student until you are sure there is a spot available in the class

they desire.

Also beware that there are many inexpensive instruments on the market that I cannot recommend.  The quality of some of these

is unacceptably low and will be difficult to play and most are impossible to repair.  New student instruments need repairs often!

Ebay is also risky because many 2nd hand instruments will require hundreds of dollars in repair before they are playable.


We have a wonderful rental company that works with us to provide excellent student instruments.  They deliver here to the school and also

routinely visit us to provide repairs if needed.  

Whether you decide to rent, purchase or borrow an instrument strive to provide the best quality you can.  It will go a long way in making this endeavor a positive one!

If you have questions or concerns about aquiring an instrument, please send me an email!