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I did not plan on becoming a teacher. I grew up in Parkertown and attended Lighthouse Christian Academy in Manahawkin for grades K-6th. I entered Pinelands as a seventh grader in 1990. We were the last class to go to seventh grade in the high school. The next year, we were the first class to use thebrand new middle school. During middle and high school I was involved in music, drama, baseball, student government, and helped start the One Way Club with my friends.


After I graduated from Pinelands Regional High School in 1996, I attended Cedarville University where I earned my B.A. in Pastoral Studies and also studied music and New Testament Greek. After graduating in 2000, I planned to come back home and substitute teach while I earned my M.S. in Bible at Cairn University (2004). During my time as a substitute, I fell in love with teaching. In the fall of 2001, a third grade teaching position became open at Tuckerton Elementary School. I applied for the job and earned my certification through the Alternate Route program. I have had the privilege of teaching third grade, fifth grade, and basic skills over the past seventeen years. Aside from teaching, I've been involved in curriculum revision and planning at T.E.S. and at the county level, served as the advisor for the gifted and talented program for over ten years, and served as a lead teacher for three years. In 2015, I was surprised when I was honored by my colleagues and selected as the Teacher of the Year.


I have always considered it an honor to teach in my community. Although I did not attend T.E.S., my father, grandmother, and many other relatives did, as do my children. My wife, LeeAnn, and I live in Tuckerton with our four daughters: Olivia, Alexandra, Emily, and Ivy. As a family, we enjoy serving at our church and spending time together. At church, I serve as a pastor and am responsible for the music and children's ministries.


Some of the best things about teaching have been learning from my colleagues, sharing in student successes, and watching students grow. I am thankful for changed plans.



I want all of my students to be citizens who think, act responsibly, and work hard. To accomplish this, we've adopted the following class guidelines:


I WIll Succeed When I...


Respect myself, my peers, and my school.

Think before I speak.

Work hard even when it seems too hard.

Try it first on my own (unless it is something that will endanger myself or my classmates).

Ask questions.

Take responsibility for my actions.

Learn from my mistakes.

Know what to do when I don’t know what to do.

Dream about what I want to do with my life.

Plan for success.


Mr. Hewitt (Third Grade 1986-1987)





Mr. Hewitt (Fourth Grade 1987-1988)





Mr. Hewitt (Sixth Grade 1989-1990)