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This section will be for reminders, requests, etc. from me to you!


BUS TAGS: At orientation, each parent will be given a "bus tag" for their student to wear. Please be sure to have your student wear this for the first couple weeks of school, until they get used to knowing where to go at arrival and dismissal. These tags help faculty and staff to identify your child and be sure that he or she is getting to the right place. If your child is a car rider, this information will be identified on their tag so please be sure they are wearing it.


STUDENT FOLDERS: Please be sure to check your child's folder every night and inital their conduct calendar daily. This is my main source of communication with you!!


               "Keep at Home" (left side):

                  -CP Newsletters

                  -checked homework

                  -completed classwork


                "Return to School" (right side):

                  -conduct calendar (kept on TOP)

                  -completed homework

                  -notes to and/or from teacher/parent

                  -any important papers to be signed and turned in

                  -any money to turn in (**please put all money in an envelope or ziploc with your                     students' name on it**)


Please take out ALL papers on the "Keep at Home" side of your child's folder every night. When too many papers are left in the folders, it causes too much clutter and confusion for the students and important papers tend to get lost easier this way.


Please check under tab "Upcoming Events" for information about parking during your child's testing date!