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Mrs. Togno's 3rd grade class!


Monday- math 11.1

Tuesday- math 11.2

Wednesday- math 11.3, Olive Garden lunch tomorrow!




   Welcome to our new classroom! Let me start by giving you a little background information about my education.  I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with my master's degree in elementary education.  I am certified in k-6 as well as middle school ELA and history.  I have been employed full-time in grades 1-6, and  this will be my fourth time teaching 3rd grade.   


   I am very excited to teach 3rd grade this year. Having been in so many classrooms across the years, I know what an important year this is for the students. This is the year students transition to independence and student driven learning.


   Please know I have been reading, working with other respected teachers, and researching how to best deliver our curriculum and NJ teaching standards.


   Hoping everyone enjoys the end of our summer, and I am looking forward to a great year!