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Language Arts and Reading Instruction


What do we practice and accomplish in Language Arts?


Reading Comprehension

Reading of novels, articles, short passages, online articles, poems


Reading for meaning and using close reading strategies- star or tab important information in the text, circle or write down words you do not understand, star or tab parts that surprised you or that you liked, use sticky notes and jot down notes where you make connections with the text, use a journal to note important details or facts




What Good Readers Do

























Use tracking- point to the words as you read


Change your tone at the beginning of sentences


Respond to punctuation


Repeat the same readings to increase speed and perfect tone






Complete sentences- Capitalization, Overall appearance, Punctuation, Spelling


Grammar- expressing complete thoughts in writing in an orderly fashion; identifying and using parts of speech properly- ex. nouns, proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs


The Writing Process- Brainstorming, rough drafts, editing, revising, final drafts, publishing

Use of Graphic Organizers


Writing multi-paragraphs pieces - Narrative, Informative, Persuasive, open-ended questions







What do the words mean? How can I find out or guess what it means?


Pulling out words from the books we read and using Wordly Wise Vocabulary Work Books




Read Alouds


Practicing good listening 


Practicing reading for meaning


Asking questions and making predictions


Taking notes


Relaxing and enjoying the story




Word Attack Skills and Phonemic Awareness- study of phonemes and decoding skills, explanation of rules to apply, use of word lists, using words in context and in isolation.Orton Gillingham techniques and strategies






Sight words



Use strategies to help sound out words such as syllabication and chunking parts of words to arrive at the whole word, and context clues which means to use the other words in the sentence to help you arrive at the correct reading of an unfamiliar word