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Reading Strategies 


Throughout the year I will be teaching the children to problem

solve unknown words while reading by using

six reading strategies. 

 Please help reinforce these strategies at home.

Your child should read for at least 15 minutes every day!


The six strategies are:


Picture Clues - use the pictures to help identify the unknown words.


Popper - use the beginning letter of the word that "pops" out to help identify unknown words.


Does it make sense - ask does the word you guess makes sense as you read it in the story and does it look right?


Little words in big words - look for little familiar words in the big words to help you problem solve the unknown words.


Skip it and go on - skip the word as you are reading and think about what would make sense in the sentence. 


Go back and read again - after figuring out all unknown words always go back and read it again to make  sure it makes sense.