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Sight Words

These are sight words that pop up often as your child reads. 
The following is a list of 30 sight words that will be taught 
throughout the school year!


I                  the                  my          

not              for                   can              

said            this                  all           

do               will                  me          

and             he                    to             

was            it                      or             

see             is                     of

go               are                  you

she             has                  we

have           so                    his



Here are some fun activities you can do to practice your sight words;

  • Write the words on index cards and hide them in a room and have your child go on a word hunt, find them, and read them.
  • Make up silly sentences with the words.
  • Spray shaving cream on the side of the bathtub, spread it around and have your child write the words in the shaving cream with their finger.
  • Put the cards in alphabetical order.
  • Sort them into piles according to the number of letters they have.
  • Sort them into piles according to the beginning letter.
  • Clap the word to find out how many parts there are in each one.
  • Give your child a newspaper article or one of my weekly newsletters and a yellow marker and let him/her be a word detective and highlight the sight words he/she sees.
  • Give your child an old magazine and have him/her cut out sight words he/she sees.


     Have fun with these ideas.