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Problem Solving Steps


The children are learning to problem solve.  We use the same strategies to help us solve problems whether they are in Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Situations.  


1.   STOP:  First we identify that there is a problem, and stop. 

                 If the children are frustrated, they should take a deep breath or

                 walk away.


2.   THINK:  This is more detailed as “Think” includes three steps;


  • Gather Information:   Gather information to use to solve your problem, such as; what happened, what do you see, what do you know, etc.?


  • Brainstorm:  Brainstorm ways to solve the problem. 


  • Pick Your Favorite:   Pick a favorite choice from the brainstorming.


3.   GO:  Go and try what was picked to see if it can solve the problem.


4.   CHECK:   Check if the problem was solved.  If the problem was not

                     solved, then the children will need to go back to "Brainstorm"

                     and pick another way to solve the problem and repeat the

                     final steps.