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We as parents and families have been challenged since the unprecedented times of COVID-19. Online learning has been a learning curve for everyone. When working virtually on speech therapy, in order to provide the most effective therapeutic intervention, I need to be able to see your child's mouth, stay in the camera screen, to be focused, and have clear sound of just the participants have put together a list of DO's and DON'Ts for you as parents and for your children. These are all incredibly important for your child to gain the most out of their related services and achieving their IEP speech goals, as well as not interrupting another student in the groups learning. These have/will be reviewed with your child as well in therapy. In order to accomplish this these are recommendations for online therapy. 


  • Use the bathroom and eat snack/lunch BEFORE your session begins.
  • Make sure you computer/tablet is charged or plugged in for the session.
  • Sit in a QUIET space INSIDE your home free from distractions (TV, ipads, toys, pets etc). It is recommended the most optimal will be to sit a a desk or table with your tablet/computer on the table/desk, which makes the camera steady. It is not recommended for sessions to be taken outside, in cars, etc due to the background noises etc. 
  • Please DO NOT sit/lay in bed or on the couch etc.
  • Use headphones with a microphone which diminish the amount of background noise picked up and improve clarity.
  • Do not use "virtual backgrounds" option- this makes it difficult for the teacher/therapist to see your child.
  • Stay in view of the camera "box", especially when working on articulation goals, so their mouth can be seen when producing words/sounds.
  • Please be conscious of your child's time/schedule. Being on time allows for the best service for your child and is considerate of everyone's schedule. If there is a scheduling conflict with something at school please let me know in advance for accommodations to be made.