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Welcome to the 2019-2020 Kindergarten Challenge!



Welcome to the new school year! We are excited to let you know that each week we will be going into your child’s  classroom as part of our new in-class push in model. Our group is called PAALS (Phonological Awareness and Language Stimulation). We will be working on phonological awareness skills (the ability to recognize and manipulate lsound properties of spoken language) and language development. These two areas are critical in the development of reading and writing. As part of our in-class push in model,  we would like to introduce a question of the day challenge in the home.  We will be sending home a monthly calendar for each student to complete! The calendar has quick activities and games to play. The challenge is for your child to answer 3 or more questions a week (12 or more for the month), but please try to complete as many of the activities per week as you can. When your child completes an activity, you can have them color in the box for that day or check it off. All activities are designed to take about 5 minutes. Some activities such as game night and reading a book may take a little longer. At the end of the month, return the calendar and the communication log with any comments and how many they did and they will get to pick a prize from our prize box!


Ideas: Hang it on your refrigerator so you see it or take a picture on your cell phone so you have it handy when you are out to ask some questions!



Look for your monthly calendar as well as some important speech and literacy articles each month.  We hope you and your child will take the language challenge with us!


We are looking forward to a great school year!


Mrs Emma (BSI Instructor) and Mrs Fischer (Speech Therapist)




Monthly Calendars:




Parent Sign off Log:

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