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1st hour: Planning

2nd hour: AP Planning

3rd hour: AP Biology

4th hour: APES

5th hour: APES

6th hour: Biology 1

7th hour: APES


The world depends upon science to understand itself, for inventions that improve our lives, and solutions to our biggest problems. It's no surprise that science is a challenging subject for many students.  From the first week, it builds new concepts on previous ideas, concepts, and discoveries.  Do not get behind in class; ask for help, it is your respnsibility to the world!  I expect students to work together cooperatively as we begin and continue this adventure.  Respect for everyone in the class (students and teacher alike) make the learning easier for all concerned. 

The bottom line: I will try to make the class interesting; YOU must be a responsible learner.
Leesville High School