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Instructional Time:

Large group instruction: We instruct new lessons as a large group. We always include time for notes and plenty of guided practice. 



Independent practice: This can be in small groups, partners or independently. With multiple adults in the room, we are able to give sufficient attention to each student. We employ flexible grouping to allow students the opportunity to work where they need to in the moment. 



Station work: Stations will allow students to get more one on one attention for direct instruction. Additionally they will have hands on stations that allow them time for movement or brain breaks. 



Students will be learning about mindfulness in gym class. We will continue these practices to help students focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve self-regulation.

Snack time:

Due to our late lunch, students are permitted to bring a snack and a water bottle. They will have this at the beginning of 6th period at 10:50.