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Science 7 Course Syllabus

Teacher Name: Nicole Bintliff



Course Description 

Students will explore various science topics in each marking period. Those topics that will be examined include biology, earth systems, human impacts on the environment and physical science.  Students will go through a collaborative and lab/inquiry-based environment, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential to becoming informed productive contributors to society in the 21st Century. Students will engage in engineering and apply crosscutting concepts to deepen their understanding of the content units.


Course Content & Topics:  


First Marking Period

Unit 1: Structure and Properties of Matter

Unit 2: Chemical Reactions


Second Marking Period

Unit 3: Chemical Reactions


Third Marking Period

Unit 4: Body Systems 

Unit 5: Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms 


Fourth Marking Period

Unit 6: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Unit 7: Earth Systems 


Grading Scale/Ranges:


Primary Assessments


Examples: tests, major projects, writing assignments, extensive labs, oral presentations,  and group projects

Secondary Assessments


Examples:  quizzes, smaller labs, smaller projects, graded writing responses

Supportive Assessments


Examples:  homework, classwork, participation


Will be offered on Secondary Assessments following the District-Wide Reassessment Practices. Please see more information here: 

Required Materials:

  • Marble notebook

  • Pencils, Pens (black or blue only), Highlighter

  • Index cards



  • Homework is given when necessary to review concepts learned in class and/or to finish projects begun in class.  Most projects will be completed in class. Some Supportive assessments may be graded as follows:


✓+ = 100%

  ✓= 75%

  ✓- = 50% 

    0 = 0%

    All complete & correct 

  Partially complete/correct

  Half complete/correct

Not turned in or hardly any complete


  • Students should be studying new vocabulary each week and always reviewing key science terms throughout the year.

  • Students will receive a study guide before every test and given a rubric for all projects.


Classroom Rules 

1. Respect peers and teachers

2.  Come to class prepared with the materials needed (agenda, notebook, pen/pencil)

3. Always follow directions, especially during labs! 

Missing Work

  • If it is an assignment from an absence, the assignment will be labeled “missing” in PowerSchool to indicate that it should be turned in.  

  • Please check PowerSchool.  You can keep track of your assignments and if there is a grade missing for an assignment, but thought you turned it in we need to address it quickly. 


Google Classroom

  • Students will be using Google Classroom to turn in some assignments, access resources and communicate with the teachers.

  • These classrooms will be set up at the beginning of the school year and students will be given a code to get into the classroom.

Lab Safety Rules and Consequences


Lab Rules

  1. Follow directions at all times.

  2. It is important that you pay attention to all of the directions on how to complete the lab.  This will ensure your lab will be carried out correctly and will protect the safety of yourself and others.

  3. Follow safety procedures at all times. 

  4. This includes wearing appropriate safety gear, the cleanup of spills and broken equipment, and informing your teacher of any incidents.

  5. No fooling around.

  6. It is imperative that you act appropriately during all labs.  Improper behavior can lead to equipment getting broken or students being put in harm's way.  It is not tolerated!

  7. Use the lab equipment with care and use them appropriately. 

  8. Again, to ensure the safety of students, equipment should only be used for what it was designed to be used for.

  9. Clean up your lab station.

  10. The next lab group’s safety and learning depend on you your ability to clean up after yourself and your group.




If you break one or more of the above rules, for any of the labs, one or more of the following will occur:

  • Points will be deducted from your lab grade with a possible lab grade of a “0” (depending on the severity of the infraction).

  • You will lose lab privileges for a period of time and parents will be notified. You will be given an alternate assignment instead of completing the lab.