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Typically, we do not send home a notice to parents when lice is discovered in a classroom.  We have had the unfortunate experience where parents apply or use products that are frankly more dangerous than having lice before verifying if their child has an infestation. We screen close cohorts of any child who does have evidence of an infestation.  Often these cohorts have been together outside of the school setting or in other classrooms.  Rarely do we need to screen an entire class or alert the whole school.  However, there are times where best judgement might dictate that.   We don't want to use products unnecessarily not only for safety but because we have seen resistance develop to the pesticides.  When we do find evidence of infestation, we encourage parents to come right away and begin the treatment process.  We will also call parents of any students that should be monitored closely at home. Our professional association of School Nurses (NASN), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the state of New Jersey have guidelines that help direct our health practice in schools.  A majority of students that are screened have no evidence of any infestation.  If you have any concerns about a particular student, please contact the health office. Please keep in mind that the screening is time consuming if it is to be accurate. 
Here are some helpful videos to help you monitor your child at home should you suspect or have confirmed an infestation.  After the videos is some helpful information about lice and a treatment option that has been found safe and effective for treating lice.  Always feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.  Checking for Lice (no endorsement for the products mentioned but do recommend the method shown for checking the hair).  What lice and nits look like in hair.