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Welcome to the Counseling Department!




Mission Statement 


The counseling department, in partnership with the Clinton Township community of 


parents, students, and educators, is dedicated to 


promoting student growth by focusing on the whole child.  


All counseling programs are designed to foster student achievement in the areas of 


academic, career, social and personal growth.  


In addition, our programs support the development of the following values:


respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and citizenship.  


Our goal is to promote a commitment to life-long learning, personal and academic growth, 


cultural awareness, and becoming productive members of society.




CTMS Counseling Department


The primary goal of counseling at Clinton Township Middle School is to provide students with a safe, supportive environment in which to manage any crisis or ongoing issue that may otherwise impede their emotional growth. The program is developmental in nature, incorporating techniques that are meaningful in working with preadolescents in general and specifically, with middle schoolers at each grade level as they transition toward greater independence, acceptance of personal responsibility, and the need for more complex decision-making capacities.


Some specific areas that we strive to address with individuals as well as groups of students include the following:


  • Accepting and respecting others, regardless of similarity or difference from oneself.
  • Learning to view differences among people as positive or innocuous, not as something to be distrusted.
  • Agreeing to disagree; developing strategies for getting along and working with those who are not your natural allies.
  • Resolving conflicts for oneself or via the involvement of a mediator.
  • Making good life choices.
  • Managing challenges at home including sibling rivalry, parental relationships, loss of loved ones.




Counselor Contact Information


Mr. Greg James 

School Counselor

7th Gade (last names M-Z)

8th Grade (entire grade)

2022-2023 academic year


(908) 238-9141, Extension 209

[email protected]




Mrs. Kerry Mueller

School Counselor

7th Grade (last names A-L)

6th Grade (entire grade)

2022-2023 academic year


(908) 238-9141, Extension 208

[email protected]