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 Patrick McGaheran and Round Valley Schools!


Hello, my name is Carole Frey and I am one of the School Counselors for Patrick McGaheran, and Round Valley Schools. I have worked in the Clinton Township School District as a counselor since 2005. 

My goal in working with your child is to provide a safe, supportive, and comfortable place to come when help is needed with emotional or behavioral concerns. Some of the counseling services I offer include bereavement/grief counseling, divorce/family change support groups, friendship/socialization assistance, strategies for managing anxiety, social skills groups, and assistance to parents seeking strategies to help their children. In addition, children are often sent by teachers and staff for school-related behavioral help including making good choices, resolving conflict, and accepting and respecting others.

I make myself available to all of the children in our schools, and enjoy getting to know them through fun activities. Some of these include friendship lunches, new student welcome lunches, and recess play dates. During these activities, no counseling takes place, and children are given an opportunity to socialize with others in a small group setting. This is especially helpful to children who are new to our district and wish to make friends, and also for children who have been here, but would like to reconnect with old friends who are no longer in their class.

If you would like your child to receive counseling services, please call or email me, or let your child's teacher know. All counseling services are confidential, and you can be assured that your child will be treated with warmth and in an age-appropriate manner. I look forward to working with you and your child!