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Welcome to Ms. Coll's 2nd Grade Class! 




Dear Parents and Students,


Please make sure you check your child's folder on the first day of school as there will be important information you need to know, and papers you will need to return the following day. Remember to check your child's planner and homework folder daily. The homework folder will contain homework assignments as well as graded papers and important notices for you to either read, sign and return. I'm looking forward to a fun and engaging year ahead with your children! See you all on Wednesday, September 5th! :)



Important April Dates to Remember

April 1st: 1/2 Day

April 10th-April 19th: No School




Star Student of the Week



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 Specials Schedule for Quarter 3

Monday: Theatre and Computers

Tuesday: Health and Music

Wednesday: Gym and Health

Thursday: Art and Character Education

Friday:Music and Gym


******Please be sure on Gym days, both Wednesday and Friday, your child must wear their gym uniform and ALL black sneakers.******



Reading Street 


Question of the Week: How can we be responsible community members?

Story of the Week: Carl the Complainer

Amazing Words: concern, persuade, pellets, pollute, contribute, fragile, litter, release

Vocabulary: annoy, P.M., complain, shrugs, mumbles, signature


 Spelling Words

 1. unsafe

2. disappear

3. rewind

4. regroup

5. preheat

6. unlock

7. unpack

8. preschool

9. rerun

10. discolor

11. unplug

12. disagree


Phonics: Prefixes un-, re-, pre-, dis-

Text-Based Comprehension: Cause & Effect

Conventions: Singular and Plural Pronouns





Topic 8: Work with Time and Money

Vocabulary Words: dime, nickel, penny, quarter, half-dollar, cents, greatest value, dollar sign, dollar bills, tally mark, least value, dollar, quarter past, half past, quarter to, a.m., p.m.



Social Studies

 Chapter 2: Working to Meet Our Needs

Vocabulary Words: needs, wants, resource, cost, goods, producer, consumer, skill, trade, savings, borrow, loan





*We will have a reading and spelling test every Friday.

*Reading logs are due every Monday.

*Spelling books are due every Friday.




Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Phone: 201-795-4400 ext: 4212