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Frequently Asked Questions


When do we go home?

Dismissal is at approximately 2:45 P.M.  The first few weeks of first grade are a time of major adjustment for most children.  A reasonable bedtime will help to minimize the afternoon "slump."


When is snack time?

We will have a daily 10-15 minute snack break.  Please pack a small, healthy snack (in addition to your child's lunch).  Please make sure that classroom snacks are peanut and tree-nut free.


If my child has to go to the bathroom, what will he/she do?

We have a bathroom in our classroom.  Children are allowed to use the bathroom as needed.  If your child has a particular issue and has to use the bathroom frequently, please let me know.


Do you celebrate birthdays in class?

Birthdays are very important!  Each child's birthday is celebrated with an announcement at lunch time and we also sing to the birthday child in the classroom.  We do not have parties, treats, or any food in the classroom for birthdays.


What happens if my child does not bring in a lunch?

Lunch is always available for purchase.  In the event that your child forgets his or her lunch, he/she can purchase one and bring in the money on the next school day.


What are the most popular lunches sold in the lunch room?

Pizza Day is offered every Friday.  Many children who don't usually buy lunch will purchase one on this day.  It is helpful to talk with your child about the choices for hot lunch, cold lunch, or bagel bag.  A new menu is posted each month on the Campbell School website. 


What about daily reading?

Please be sure to read with or to your child for at least 15 minutes per day.  This can include bedtime stories, reading cereal boxes and other "environmental print", or even traffic signs.  Your child will begin bringing books home on his/her instructional level for homework in October.


What should I do if my child is absent?

If your child is going to be absent, please call the school in the morning to inform them and let them know the reason for the absence.  If you don't call, you will receive a call from the school during the day.  You may request that notices and homework be sent home with a sibling or a neighbor or left in the office for you to pick up.  I can also collect the work and your child can complete it when he/she returns. 


What can I do if my child can't finish his/her homework on a given night?

If you do not understand an assignment or if your child is having an "off" day and homework becomes a challenge, simply send in a note the following morning and he/she can complete it the next night.