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Hi everyone! These are the supplies that we will need at the beginning of the year. Some of them will need to be replaced as time goes on. Please make sure that your child has the follow materials:


* 3 Folders 

   Labelled as follows: 

   #1 - Classwork

   #2 - Enrichment/Spanish

   #3 - Absent


* 2 marble notebook ( wide-ruled if possible)

* 1 pair of kids Fiskar scissors

* 1 pair of earphones/earbuds


Please label all of the above items with your child's first and last name and "1JB"


* 12 glue sticks

* 2 erasers

* 1 box of sharpened pencils 

    (Please avoid the fancy wrapped pencils as they destroy our pencil sharpener)

* crayons (no markers please)

* Pencil box to store the above items – Soft are preferred due to limited space in student desk

* 1 pack of dry erase markers (Place in ziplock bag)

* 1 Dry eraser or old sock (Place in bag with dry erase markers)

* 1 (or more) family-size box of tissues

* 1 roll of paper towels


Please also take a look at the "Wish List" page if you are willing and able to donate other items to the classroom. 


Thank you very much!