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Hi everyone! These are the supplies that we will need at the beginning of the year. Some of them will need to be replaced as time goes on. Please make sure that your child has the follow materials:



6 double pocket folders labeled Science, Social Studies, Health, Classwork, Science Lab, World Language - each folder should also be labeled with your name.


1 Marble composition book (9 ¾ by 7 1/12) labeled “Writer’s Notebook” and your name.


1 Box of crayons


2 Glue sticks


1 Package of Post-it notes 3x3 inches


1 Soft pencil case - no plastic pencil boxes


1 Box of tissues


1 Package of Baby wipes


Sharpened Pencils - these will need to be replenished throughout the year








Dry Erase Markers




Thank you all so much! I look forward to meeting all of you!