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Primary, Secondary and Supportive grade/weight categories: End of trimester grades are derived from grades in 3 categories. Primary: 50%, Secondary: 40%, Supportive: 10%


  • Primary Assessments: Assessments in this category comprise 50% of a student’s grade and typically assess multiple standards introduced throughout the trimester. Assessments sent home with P (Primary) in the title are calculated within this category.
  • Secondary Assessments: These assessments account for 40% of a student’s grade and typically focus on the discreet skills and understandings students need to acquire before they take a primary assessment. Assessments sent home with an S in the title fall within this category. 
  • Supportive Assessment: In this category, 10% of the overall grade is earned. These assessments usually focus on scores achieved from independent work towards mastery in the standards.