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Welcome to 7th Grade Science


Three Oaks Middle School 2017-2018


7th Grade Science – Open House Information Sheet


Ms. Jennifer Brown


Supplies Needed Daily:


5 Folders (or 1" binder) for notes and textbook pages, loose leaf notebook paper, Chromebook, pencil/pen, headphones/ear buds


Supplies for classroom use:


Kleenex, copy paper, construction paper, paper towels, glue sticks, and disinfecting wipes


*Students may receive up to 4 homework passes for bringing in supplies for class use*


Although the school provides the materials and supplies for basic instructional activities, the optional supply items listed above will allow your child to have an enhanced educational program.  We appreciate your commitment to the education of your child, and with your donations we can provide a great program for the students at Three Oaks Middle School.


TextScience Fusion 


We will be following the Lee County 7th Grade Science Academic Plans.


The content should include, but not be limited to, the following units:


  • Nature of Science
  • Waves and Light
  • Energy and Heat
  • Ecology
  • Human Impact on Earth
  • Earth’s Structures
  • Earth’s History
  • Life Over Time
  • Reproduction and Heredity
  • DNA and Modern Genetics


Grading Scale:  90-100 A; 80-89 B; 70-79 C; 60-69 D; 0-59 F


Grading Categories:


Test, Quizzes, Projects 50%                             


Classwork, Labs 25%                             


Homework 15%                             


Content Reading 10%


There will be 1 opportunity during each quarter for extra credit.  If a student will choose to complete extra credit, they should do so when Extra Credit is offered.


Teacher Contact Information:


Ms. Jennifer Brown


239-267-5757 ext, 259


Important Information:

Students are now able to access the textbook online through Think Central.

Their user name is lc and their lunch number

Their password is LC and their lunch number


All assignments are posted on Google Classroom. Students have the ability to log in and see what they need to complete for the day as well as any missing assignments.



Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have