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Contact Information

Phone: 732-321-8765


(Should you need assistance in the summer months, please contact the counseling secretary at 732-205-4067.)



We keep a lot of important information on NAVIANCEYou should be checking your Naviance account frequently to look for messages from me, counseling resources, or other information that may be posted.

Did you forget how to log in to your Naviance account? 

Generally, your username will be the first initial of your first name and your full last name (ex: John Doe would be jdoe).  Your password is your student id number, which can be found on your schedule (It is the number that starts with 2022, 2023, 2024, or 2025 depending on your grade.)

If that doesn't work, make an appointment with me and I'll help you out!





8th Grade Parents...

Keep these important dates in mind! 

February 1: 8th grade Parent Orientation at 7pm in the MHS Auditorium (parents only.)

February 5: Elective forms are due back to the counseling office. Students will be given the forms on Jan 29/30. Please review the options with your child before they submit the forms back!

March 15 (on or about): Your child's requested courses will become available on Genesis.  Remember: This is not your child's schedule.  Schedules will be available in August.

Parents: Remember to sign the "Understanding the Scheduling Process Document on Genesis when it becomes available.  Please be advised that your student will NOT receive their schedule without this acknowledgment from you





5th graders:

Having trouble opening your locker?  Here is a website to help you practice!