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  •      K-4 Safety- School, Home and Community
  •      Each Grade sees Mrs Cross once a week
  •      4th grade- Begin Conflict Resolution




  • K    The Five Senses
  • 1st  -Head to Toe (the body parts)
  • 2nd  How You Think (The brain)
  • 3rd  The Better to See You (eyes)
  • 4th  Lets Talk Teeth




  • K-Nutrition- Healthful food choices
  • 1st-Role of food, Effects of healthful and unhealthful foods
  • 2nd-Role of Nutrients,My Plate, Nutrition and Self worth
  • 3rd-Nutrition and Digestion, Food labels,Testing recipes
  • 4th-Digestive system, Meal planning,Nutritional goal setting