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5-6th Grade



  • First Aid
  • Becoming an Organized Student 9/26 





  • 5th Grade- You Are What You Eat! - Nutrition, Fitness goals.
  • 6th Grade-Growing up-Hormones,Growing up Male and Female,Good Hygiene and Feeling Good about the way you Look!
  • Growing up with a Healthy Attitude.



  • 5th Grade-Brainstorms: Central Nervous System
  • 6th Grade-Preventing disease (communicable and non-communicable)



  •  5th Grade- Use,misuse, and abuse of drugs.Positive social behaviors,Alcoholism
  •  6th Grade-Continue Communicable disease....Prevention. Begin Healthy Relationships.    




  • 5th-LEAD Margate Police teach 5th grade the importance of not using Drugs, Alcohol or tobacco through a curriculum purchased by the Margate PD.
  • 6th- Autism Awareness, Drug awareness, Social Media Safety