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We are very lucky to have enough Chromebooks for each child in our class, so we use them every single day! If you feel your child needs extra practice in one of these subjects, please feel free to use these websites to reinforce skills.

If your child can not locate or recall his or her login information,

it is taped into their student agenda.



IXL for Language Arts and Math


This resource is an excellent way to review skills. Each week, I changed the starred skills to meet a weekly skill plan. Your child should first try and get a SMART Score of 80 in each area, and then go back and try to improve each skill. 




Pearson Realize- Our Math program. Students will be taking Topic Tests and readiness assessments using this website and their login information. Please feel free to click through the lessons to help your child learn or reinforce concepts and provide extra support or practice. 



Sumdog- Students absolutely LOVE this fun, differentiated approach to Math facts. Students work on their own level and earn coins and prizes for amounts of questions answered correctly. Students have a login for this site in their planners, but they've all memorized it by now, as well! I also create "assessments" to informally assess concepts covered in class. 




Journey's- Our Reading Program. Students will be taking Weekly Reading and Grammar assessments online. You may log in to view their assessments, and please contact me if you have any questions.



Raz-Kids- This site will be used as an online leveled reader library. While we do have leveled readers with our Journey's program, we will be using these for additional practice reading and answering questions. Students are allowed to select from a variety of online books. Since students have the option to listen to the story first, reading the story out loud the second time would be a great way to improve fluency!

Teacher username : 4grade54


Accelerated Reader

Students should read at least one AR book a month. After reading, they will log on and complete a comprehension quiz to assess how well they are reading independently. Students should aim to read more than one book to help their grade, especially if they don't do well on their first book, but one per month is the minimum requirement. 





We will be completing most of our lesson digitally on our SMARTBoard and Chromebooks. After we've completed a digital lesson in class, it is a good idea for your child to read the text version at home and complete any of the active reading questions to help prepare for a test.



Study Island


Study Island- Students will use Study Island to help improve proficiency levels for various standards. There are two options, Practice Mode and Game Mode. I suggest using Game Mode at home because it is a bit more motivating.