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   American Sign Language is the 4th most common used language in the United States.  Our program at Haddonfield consists of 3 levels; ASL 1, ASL 2 and ASL 3.  Students are taught the language as well as the culture of the Deaf community and have the opportunity to speak with a variety of individuals from all walks of life within the Deaf community.  

   I graduated from Bloomsburg University with a bachelor's degree in ASL/English Interpreting with a minor in Deaf education.  While working at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, I continued my education and received a Master's of Education from Arcadia University.  At the school for the Deaf I had several roles that helped me improve and perfect my sign to become completely fluent in the language and all its nuances. I received my teaching degree through Rutgers University and am currently a certified sign language interpreter as well!

   All these experiences and contacts help me bring the most relevant and current sign to the classroom as well as the most current curriculum and teaching methods for sign language.  My goal is for the students to leave my classroom with a skill they may use in a variety of avenues in the real world. Learn along with us through my Canvas page!