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This year, Heights will be using a program called LiveSchool throughout the school to help create a learning environment where every student is respectful, responsible, and prepared. LiveSchool is an app that will help us share behavior feedback with you and your child. Your child will receive positive points in LiveSchool for hard work and good behavior. Your child will be able to spend his or her points on various classroom and school-wide rewards. We will also provide feedback on negative choices your child may make. 


You will be able to access all of this information right from your computer or phone by downloading the free LiveSchool app. Please let me know if you need your child's access code or need help setting up an account. 




  • Go to
  • Enter your unique parent code (this information was sent home at the beginning of the year, but please let me know if you need it)
  • Download the "LiveSchool Parent" app and log in!