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 AR Overview:

  • AR can be a very motivating way for students to read and track their progress.


  • Please encourage your child to read each evening as part of a fun, daily routine. 


  • Students will be encouraged to read both non-fiction and fiction books (our goal is 50% fiction and 50% non-fiction).


  • AR will not be used to determine a child's letter grade on report cards, but will be included when determining effort grades (per Heights policy, students who do not meet their AR goals will receive an "N" under "works independently" on effort section of report cards). 


Book Levels: Students will be checking out books on their independent reading level throughout the year. Each level corresponds with a specific color. Book levels may fluctuate throughout the quarter if necessary to provide adequate rigor for students.


Book level Goal: The level of books that I would like to see your child read by the end of each quarter.


Point Goal: Each quarter, your child will receive a new point goal. This point goal is based on a child reading at least 20 minutes a day. Each time a child passes an AR test, they earn points. 



Each week, I’ll be updating the AR Goal page in students’ W.H.A.L.E. Binders.

  • The goal is for students’ average percent correct to be at or above an 80% and for them to be at 100% of their point goal by the end of the quarter.
  • We break the quarterly goal into weekly goals on the goal sheet to help monitor progress.


AR Logs:

  • You may help your child fill out his or her AR Log (title and level), or they are welcome to do themselves. Once the log is filled out and they are ready, they may take a quiz  before school (when morning work is finished), during centers, or if they finish classwork early.
  • After each quiz, students bring me their log for me to initial. If they get a 100%, they get a sticker for their log!


Books from the Public Library:


  • Your child may take quizzes on books from the public library if the book is on their level.  (Go to to check the reading level) If you don’t want your child to bring the public library book to school, you can simply write the quiz number down in their log (also found on, and we can find the quiz at school.


AR Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect allows you to see how your child is doing with their AR quizzes. You can see their average percent correct, how many points they have earned for the quarter, and you can even view a virtual "bookshelf" of all the AR books they have read since Kindergarten! To sign up, see below:

Username: the student’s network account username: (i.e. - cx13669)  (if you don't have your child's username, let me know)
Password: =SETA225

Note the password has an equal sign. It must be entered. The password is also case-sensitive, so use all caps.



  • You can also set it up to get an email each time your child takes an AR quiz (via the “Email Setup Link”).
  • Here is a screenshot from Home Connect:








To Take Sample AR quizzes at home as practice:








Hope the tips above are helpful!




Happy reading!