What an AMAZING year so far! We have really grown as readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists! In math, we started the year with making ten and solving one step word problems and now we are using all the skills we have learned to solve two digit word problems, measure various objects around the classroom, and collect and graph data! In reading, we began the year by celebrating how much we have grown as readers from first grade. Now we are using everything we learned and applying it to series books. In writing, we started off the year writing about a small moment and stretching it across the pages and now we are writing informational chapter books! 


Did you know plants need water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow? We do!! we were able to research and investigate what plants need to grow. We planted lima bean seeds and sunflower seeds. Some of our plants received sugar water, some received salt water, some vinegar, and some water. All the plants that received water grew, and two plants that received sugar water grew.  Unfortunately the salt and vinger plants did not. 


Stay Tuned for more learning in Second grade!! 




Information such as: homework, spelling words, field trips, announcements, websites, and what we are learning, will be posted to the website and frequently updated. Please check daily.

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   Second grade is a time of blossoming independence.  As parents you can support this growth in two major areas:

  1. Morning Routine: It is imperative that your child arrives to school on time. This allows children to shift their focus to the day ahead and gives teachers the opportunity to welcome students with their full attention.

  2.  Homework:  Your child will receive Homework every night. It will be assigned in class as well as posted on the website in the homework tab on the left hand side. Your child must read every night, practice math facts, study spelling words, and complete other assignments that enhance the learning taking place in the classroom.  Please check your child’s assignments daily, but allow him or her to take responsibility for doing the work. 

    *** Students are expected to complete and submit all homework by the due date.