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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at TOMS!





Welcome to sixth grade World History!

Ms. VanSaun

Quarter One we will be studying:

1 - Geography Concepts
2 - Map Reading Skills
3 – 6 Elements of Geography
4 - Ch. 1: Early Civilizations
5 - Ch. 1-1: Early Humans
6 - Ch. 1-2: Mesopotamia
7 - Ch. 1-3: First Empires
8 - Ch. 2: Ancient Egypt
9 - Ch. 2-1: The Nile Valley
10 - Ch. 2-2: Egypt’s Old Kingdom
11 - Ch. 2-3: The Egyptian Empire

Grading Scale:

90 - 100% ---A    80 - 89%---B    70 - 79%---C    60 - 69%---D    0 - 59% ---F


Weighted Categories:

Tests, Quizzes, and Projects ----60%   Classwork---20%   Content Reading---10%   Homework---10%


Late Work Policy

All assignments are to be turned in on time.  There will be a 10% point deduction for each day that assignments are late. Students will be held accountable for all assignments.


Make-up work:

Work missed due to absence(s) will be made up upon returning to school.  Students will have the amount of time absent plus one day to turn in make up work.



Supply List


  • 2-3 prong folders with pockets
  • Pencil
  • Notebook paper
  • Ear buds 
  • Wireless mouse (optional)



  Optional items for homeroom donation


  • Boxes of tissues

  • Boxes of pens or #2 pencils

  • Packages of photocopy paper

  • Packages of loose-leaf notebook paper

  • Packages of color photocopy paper-(any color)


PLEASE NOTE:  Although the school provides the materials and supplies for basic instructional activities, the optional supply items on this list will allow your child to have an enhanced educational program.  We appreciate your commitment to the education of your child and, with your donation; we can provide a great program for the students at Three Oaks Middle School.