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Miss Ceo's 2nd Grade Class

Room 157



Attendance is essential for your student to be successful! Please do your best to have your student in class on time!





Read AR! 

Make sure students are reading at least 15 minutes a day



 Math Pages


Use the website for activities to use at home! 


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  • Children may be dropped off between 7:30 – 7:55 A.M.  
  • Gator’s Nest offers childcare from 6:30-7:30 for $2.00 a morning.
  • Remember, the Tardy Bell rings at 7:55 A.M. and students must be in their seats to begin instruction. 
  • The designated drop-off area is in front of the school.
  • Use the right lane and pull up as far as directed by staff.  This allows several cars to unload at once.  
  • Children should exit from the right side of your vehicle.  
  • If your child is able to disembark without assistance, please do so.  Please remain in the line and follow the flow of traffic.     










  • Bike riders and walkers should arrive between 7:30 -7:55 AM.
  • Students and parents should always use sidewalks when available and walk all the way to the Crossing Guard.
  • Bicycles must be parked in the fenced bike racks provided and secured with a lock. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles or helmets.
  • Helmets are required and may be kept in the student’s backpack or kept with his/her other belongings in the classroom. Please label with student’s first and last name.










Students participating in the school breakfast program should go directly to the cafeteria.  Breakfast is served from 7:30 – 7:50 AM., and is free for all students.












  • Parents may escort/walk students to their classroom door from 7:30 to 7:50AM.
  • Parents/Visitors must leave by the 7:55 AM bell, when morning announcements begin.














We ask your cooperation at dismissal so as to ensure a safe, quick and efficient process.  We value our families and welcome you to visit our school; however, we must have procedures to control the environment during this critical time.  Dismissing 900 students safely is our main goal.  We need all adults to follow the following plan.  Thank you for your help and please understand these procedures are in place to insure the safest, quickest dismissal for all our students.




Using the Car Rider zone correctly is the safest way to pick up your child. Please refrain from making arrangements with your child that requires them to go against the school safety plan.  




Car Rider Pick Up Procedure: Car riders will be dismissed to the back side of the school at approximately 2:10 PM following the afternoon announcements.  Parents should follow the following procedure:


  • Enter the main driveway entrance to the school. 
  • Proceed through the posted parent pick up zone.
  • Drive up all the way around to the back of the school as directed.
  • Display your “dismissal card” and remain in your car at all times.
  • Your child will be called and helped into your car.
  • Stay in line and wait until the car in front of you moves forward to exit. 
  • Please stay in line once your student is loaded and wait for the line to move forward. 




Please fill out your child’s name and family name on the “dismissal card” in BIG PRINT and post it in the front of your car so that we may get to know you, your vehicle and your child.  All cars must display a school issued “dismissal card” in order to pick up a child.  Those without one will be asked to show photo I.D.




Walker/Biker Pick Up Procedure: Student Walkers and Bikers will report to the Art room and be dismissed after our buses and cars have left our campus. Parents should wait outside the office. Parent and child will then follow the walker/biker exit route, using our sidewalk to the crossing guard at our main driveway entrance.  Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to walk through front or side parking lots.  




Rainy days: Due to the school bus schedule, students may have to board buses in the rain in order for transportation to stay on schedule.  Students will not board during a severe lightning/thunderstorm, nor will walkers, bikers and car riders be dismissed during severe weather.  Please develop a "severe weather" plan with  your child. Knowing your schedule, and what you would do if severe weather threatens at dismissal time helps children to remain calm in stormy weather.  Make your child aware when to go ahead and ride or walk home and whether or not you'll be at the bus stop during rainy or otherwise bad weather. We will always let children use the phone to call a parent if they are unsure of what to do.




Parent Note:  Please plan ahead concerning how your child gets home in the afternoon and always send a note to the teacher any day that your plans change from the regular routine.  Make sure your child knows what is in the note so he/she will remember to give it to the teacher.




Important:  Any call to the school office regarding change of plans on how your child goes home must be made PRIOR TO 1:00 P.M. on the day of the change.