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Welcome!  My name is Ms. Manuel and I am the social studies / history teacher here at LSVI.  My e-mail address is  


I am super excited to have the opportunity to teach another year here at LSVI.  The students are amazing, the staff supportive, and the activities are lots fun.   

It is my hope that every student can find some reason to love history, whether it be for the adventurous period of The Age of Explorations when pirates roamed the opened seas, the gruesomeness of the bubonic plagues during the middle ages, or the politics that went into starting The Great War.  History is one long story, and who doesn't like a good story.

This year I will be once again teaching 6th Grade World History, 7th Grade American History, 8th Grade Louisiana History.  In addition to these classes I will also be teaching High School Civics, U.S. History, and World Geography.