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Welcome to the Swift English Language Learner Program!

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What is the goal of the program?

English Language Learners are students who speak another langauge, or multiple languages, at home. The language learner is in the process of expanding his or her vocabulary in English, socially and academically. The ELL teacher's job is to teach the grade level standards, as well as the WIDA standards, with a strong emphasis on vocabulary.

We celebrate the various cultures and the diversity of our world!


What languages do the students in our Swift ELL program speak?

Chinese            Urdu           Tagolag

Vietnamese        Bangala        Spanish     Nepalese

 Parent tips: Remember that teaching skills to your child in his or her native language is also helpful.

You can encourage your child to answer in both languages at home while you assist with homework.

Remind your child that it is wonderful that he or she can speak two or more languages.


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