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Counselor Snapshots






Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! This is a year unlike any other, since we are starting virtual. However, we are still so excited to meet and connect with all of our students! From left to right, we have Mrs. Commander, Mrs. Rosetti, and Mrs. Bruzzese. Please see our "counselor breakdown" tab to see who your counselor will be for the school year. Please be sure to join your counselor's google classroom to stay connected and access their supports and resources. Just a heads up, Mrs. Commander will be going out on maternity leave in October, but we will be sure to let you know who you can reach out to once that happens. We hope you all have a wonderful school year! :)










Congratulations to our dedicated and committed families who graduated from the Strengthening Families Program! "We are strong families who care about each other and have fun together!" Thank you for an amazing eight weeks of participation, learning, connecting, and fun. 










Miller Elementary School celebrated the annual Great Kindness Challenge Week this year with many new events and activities! Each morning, kindness quotes were read over the morning announcements to start off the day. Students received kindness bookmarks as well as kindness checklists in the beginning of the week, which challenged them to complete 50 kind acts! We also had theme days, lunch lessons, and Peace Walk mats set up in various locations in the school, where students could go to solve conflicts in a kind and peaceful way. Each classroom was also given a pack of post-it notes to write kind acts or phrases on and then post up on the main office windows for all to see. Overall, the week was a huge success and our events encouraged students to be kind not only this week but for the rest of the school year, and beyond!




The counselors applied for, and received, a $500 grant through the New York Life Foundation to support grieving students. Dr. Joyanne D Miller Elementary School has now been designated a “Grief-Sensitive School” by the New York Life Foundation. The $500 Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative grant will help create a bereavement support plan and encourage ongoing staff development in order to better support its grieving students.






On November 11, 2019, the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center's Aviation STEM Program visited our school. The Aviation STEM Ambassadors set up three telescopes for students to view the Transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun, which is a rare astronomical event in the solar system. All of our students were given the opportunity to see this event through telescopes that were equipped for safe viewing with a solar filter.‚Äč Teachers were given handouts and resources to help continue the conversation in their classrooms afterwards. The next time a Transit of Mercury will be seen in the eastern United States is 2049!  We are honored that FAA chose our school for this event.


Mrs. Bruzzese, Mrs. Commander, and Mrs. Rosetti dressed up as "Be Kind Be Cool" bumblebees for the Fall Party!





One of the ways we recognized Red Ribbon Week and highlighted the unity in our school was by theme dress down days. Looks like pajama day was a fan favorite!





Our 4th grade students enjoyed our annual "Just Say No" Magic Show, where they learned about the dangers of drugs alcohol and practiced saying "No!" Our students couldn't believe that Mr. Ken Northridge, the magician, really did pull a rabbit out of a hat in the end! What a great way to kick off Red Ribbon Week!


To recognize School Safety Week, students listened to important quotes over the intercom promoting safety in our school. Students also signed our banner, pledging to be respectful, safe and drug-free!



In honor of the Week of Respect, all of the 4th and 5th grade classrooms decorated a sun cut-out to go along with our theme, "Our Future is Bright with a Drug and Alcohol Free Life!" The suns were displayed on both sides of the main office for all to see!




Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Greeter Leaders! These students were chosen by their teachers to help assist any new students that transfer in to our school during the year. Students were trained on how to welcome a new student to their classroom, show them around, and help them make friends and feel comfortable in our school. Students even wear a badge when they are on official Greeter Leader duty! 



Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! The counselors, Mrs. Rosetti, Mrs. Bruzzese, and Mrs. Commander wanted to start the year off with mindfulness. We are visiting every classroom and teaching students about two useful mindfulness techniques, belly breathing and visualization. We believe mindfulness is important for children (and adults!) to help with regulating emotions, decision making, and staying calm and focused in the classroom, all leading to greater success.
























Our annual Career Day Event was a success! Students enjoyed learning about a variety of different professions. We had a nurse, a graphic designer, 2 EMT's, police officers, a prosthetist, a college recruiter, a special olympics coach, a social worker, a cable splicer, an anesthetist, an electrical lineman, a flight nurse, an animal attendant, a general manager, an attorney and respresentatives from ACUA and FAA.  Thank you to all of our volunteers!


The counseling department at Miller School had a blast at

Miller School's Bubbles For Autism event. We love celebrating

all of our differences that make us unique and special!



Officer Moran and Officer Daly came to talk to some of our students about bus

and traffic safety. Thank you to EHT PD for all that you do!


Miller School's reading specialists planned an awesome Read Across America Week. Our counselors each enjoyed reading to a classroom. Here, Mrs. Commander took a picture with Ms. Li's class after reading one of her favorite Dr. Seuss books, "Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!"




Our school was lucky enough to receive a grant for the Child Assault Prevention Program. Students learned important skills to help them stay SAFE, STRONG, and FREE!






 Mrs. Potter came up with a new idea this year to celebrate both Black History Month and love for Valentine's Day. Her idea was a door decorating contest! The counselors and some of their students created their own theme to recognize famous African Americans in history and celebrate love for the month of February. 


The Dr. Joyanne D. Miller Elementary School is proud to be a Kindness Certified School! Our Great Kindness Challenge Week was a huge success. We had theme days, kind morning announcements, a banner for students to sign, "Kind is the new cool" glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and kindness checklists for students to complete. Thank you to all of our staff and students who made this possible!





Miller teachers and students dressed up during our theme days this year to celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Some of our themes were "Team Up Against Drugs and Violence," "Reach for Your Dreams" Pajama Day, and "Our Future is Bright with a Drug and Alcohol Free Life!"






Ken Northridge, the magician, came to visit our school to talk to us about a drug-free and alcohol-free life. His magic tricks were awesome, especially when he pulled a bunny out of his hat! Our students wore red to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.


In honor of School Safety Week, our students signed our banner pledging to be respectful, kind, and safe in our school!





In honor of Respect Week, each classroom received a sunglass cutout to decorate to support our school theme,"Kind is the new cool" and/or our theme this month, "Our future is bright with a drug and alcohol free life!"


Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! We are so excited for another fun and successful year ahead. Pictured here with our principal, Ms. Potter, from left to right is: Mrs. Blake Rosetti, Ms. Elissa Llerandi, and Mrs. Jena-Rose Commander. Ms. Llerandi is a substitute counselor for Mrs. Julie Bruzzese for the month of September and then will continue for Mrs. Rosetti starting in October.
















Our annual Career Day Event was a success! Students enjoyed learning about a variety of different professions from some of our Miller parents as well as our community members. We are so grateful for everyone who donated their time to our event and happy our students were able to have this meaningful experience! 


Our school received recognition for participating in the Great Kindness Challenge and we were named a Kindness Certified School! Thank you to all of our staff and students who made this possible!



Our 5th graders recieved their certificates for completing their Kindness Checklists! Great job everyone!



Our 4th graders recieved their certificates for completing their Kindness Checklists! Great job everyone!



 Two students from Ms. Scalley's class made a Great Kindness Challenge poster and powerpoint to show others how important kindness is to them! Thank you, girls -- Great job!



Miller students signed our banner pledging to be kind during the week of the Great Kindness Challenge!











 During the Great Kindness Challenge, theme days were planned to celebrate kindness in our school! Our themes were Crazy for Kindness where students wore crazy hair and socks, Team Kindness where students wore their favorite sports shirt, Powered by Kindness where students wore superhero shirts, Tied Together with Kindness where students wore a tie or tie dye and lastly, Let Kindness Shine, where students wore bright colors. It was so amazing to see so many of our students dress up to show how much kindness means to them!





We are so proud of one of our counselors, Mrs. Rosetti, for being chosen as the 2017-2018 Educational Services Professional of the Year! Congratulations, Mrs. Rosetti! You deserve it for all the hard work you do here at Miller School! :)




Counselors supporting Pajama Day to benefit children at CHOP!



Miller School Front Office's Misson to Mars: Aliens and Astronauts!



Counselors dressed up as aliens for Fall Party Day which goes along with our theme, Mission to Mars!




Mrs. Brennan's and Mrs. Hart's class took our tolerance video to the next level! Together they created these awesome letters to make the phrases "Interrupt Bullying" and "What Can One Person Do To Help!"