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Heroes of the Month



For the month of May, the following students have shown perseverance  in their classrooms. We are so proud of you. Congratulations!



Team 1:

Lucy Stinson

Riley Pieretti

Sofia Vitiello

Anna Genovese





Team 2:







Team 3:

Nicholas Calcese

Isaiah McAllister

Aaron Ross






Team 4:

Joshua Mercado

Vittoria Marcato

Kexalit Basurto Hernandez

Sierra Flynn






Team 5:

Jasmin Halim 

Sasha Rimska

Paulie Spena 






Team 6:

Daniela Victoria

Laura Giraldo

Victor Martinez






Team 7:

Jonathan Espichan

Kevin Lee

Ashlee Lenhardt






Team 8:

Nayely Cortes

Laihonna Martinez

Joey Pham