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Mrs. Parsons


We are currently working on:


Adobe Photoshop CC, Composition, Elements and Principles of Design, Color Theory, Surrealism & Salvatore Dali



Unit Title: Digital Media and Our World




Essential Question(s):




How does  digitaL media impact society?




How does digital media affect the consumer?




What is Photoshop?




How can I express myself through Photoshop??





5 credits - Full Year - no prerequisite.      Grades 9, 10, 11, 12


Course Description:


Students will be introduced to concepts and careers related to visual communications utilizing the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design applications. Students will become familiar through hands-on projects utilizing Photoshop’s desktop tools, palettes, selections, layers, vector graphics, and special effects. Projects will focus on incorporating Photoshop enhanced art into the pre-press layout process utilizing Adobe Illustrator and In-Design applications. Digital photography will also be a major component of this course.


Students should come prepared each day with a flash drive and a pocketed notebook for recording class notes and organizing class handouts.



Course Policies:

  • Students are to come to class with a positive attitude and willing to learn.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make-up any missed work as soon as possible. School policy defines allowed make-up time to be equal to the amount of time absent. Example: absent two days would allow two days to make up any missed work. I will be more than willing to address any extenuating circumstances as long as the student discusses the situation with me upon return from an absence.
  • All assignments are due on time. Points will be deducted for each day late.
  • Project grades are based upon student performance during and upon completion of a given project.
  • Three (3) unexcused late arrivals to class = 1 detention. Each additional late will receive additional detentions.



Grading Policy:


  • Class Participation                   30%
  • Projects                                50%
  • Tests                                   20%