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Mrs. Jennie's Class

Virtual learning is something new to all of us as Public educators, and I imagine it is new to both your child and you. We are all learning together, and I hope that some of the information I have to give can help you guide your child in learning. 


Learning in my classroom is a typically small group (2-6 students at a time). We focus on your child's needs based on their IEP goals and objectives, as well as, review their grade level curriculum and standards. 


Things you can do at home:



-play games and interact with your child

-puzzles with shapes, colors, numbers, letters

-identify colors 

-name shapes and identify real life objects by their shapes ie: stop signs, refrigerator, ball, clock, books, food cans, etc. 

-coloring, drawing, writing, painting to induce creativity

-Identifying  numerals 1- 20 and writing numerals 1-20

-counting 1-100 by ones, fives, and tens

- reviewing place value of tens and ones ie: 2 tens and 5 ones in 25 

-practice counting using objects to tell how many (race cars, marbles, beans, etc.) anything can be used. 

-use toys to make addition and subtraction problems. 

- review letters of the alphabet and their sounds

- review sight words (these are sent home with your students, but can be found online) sight words include I, a, is, an, am, to, too, be, them, they, it, can, come, etc. - you can find lots of activities online- sightword activities and worksheets

-continue practicing beginning sounds of words and the corresponding letter ie: apple (a), can (c), elephant (e), etc. 


You can create a variety of games using dollar tree objects such as popsicle sticks, flashcards, alphabet lines, post-it notes, sticker charts, etc. 


I am sending out weekly grade-level learning through remind. These are review skills based on information the students have learned thus far. 


Math Practice/ reading practice Websites: addition/ subtraction games - K math games


I-ready- 15 minutes of reading 3x per week and 15 minutes of Math 3x per week. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions for distant learning to help address your student's IEP goals/objectives or grade-level standards work. 

Via email:

remind app: @362gadd

Office Hours: The best way to reach me is through remind or email, I check my email and remind on and off throughout the day. The best times to reach me are 9-10 am and 2-3 pm. 

 School phone:  extention 3860